Sunday, July 01, 2012


I actually did it! I was able to complete NaBloPoMo for June! Yes, I actually managed to post ever single day. Wow - - I honestly was not sure I would be able to. But I did. Now let's see what July has to offer.....

I survived the lake yesterday. Yes, it was hot. Miserably so. Little to no breeze. Bugs. I had to spend quite a bit of time in the camper trying to cool down and let nausea pass. But I made it. And then, on the way home, we saw some storms building. And when we got home, there was water standing on the roads and we knew that we had finally gotten some much needed rain.

Then! Then! We got MORE rain. More, blessed rain. And thunder, lightning, the whole bit. Unfortunately, it was over way too soon. In fact, Mr. Dizzy said there was only about 1/3 inch in the rain gauge. Considering we are 7-10 inches below normal for the year, that hurts. Especially since we had a fairly dry summer last year, and little to no snow last winter.

Central Illinois is hurting, and hurting bad.

This next week they are calling for more high temps and no rain. In fact, they are saying we could get triple-digit temps again next weekend. This is not good, because that is when we have our Rummage Sale planned. At least we will be in the barn and not out in the sun. Keeping my fingers crossed thaat we will at least have a breeze......

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