Saturday, April 28, 2007

Meme Time!

Yeah yeah, I know - - it's been AGES since I posted. There has been a LOT happening, and I need to play "catch-up" again . . . *sigh*

But I received a verbal "kick in the pants" from a fellow blogger, and that was the jump-start needed to get me going again. The "kick" was - - a meme.

I love memes. They are fun, and gives you a chance to learn more about other people. I find them totally addicting.

Which is why I responsed to the post on Kristy's blog asking for volunteers to answer questions she would ask. It's like catnip to a cat - - just can't resist!

SO - - here is Kristy's question for me, followed by my answer:

Dizzy Ms. Lizzy, you rockstar you. I couldn't help but notice you haven't blogged in while. What's the real reason you do blog, and what's the best time you've ever had in the "blogosphere" (reading, writing, commenting, etc.)?
(See? I told you - - a verbal "kick in the pants"! Thanks, Kristy!)

The real reason I blog? Well, there are many - - I like to write. I like to VENT. A blog is the perfect place for both! Unfortunately, life got rather - - umm - - "hectic", and my posting has been sporadic at best. That WILL change, and soon!

The best time I've ever had in the "blogosphere"??? Hmmmm - - let's see . . .

Well, the best time I have had reading blogs is reading "She Just Walks Around With It", and "Crazy Aunt Purl". These two ladies make me smile;. They make me laugh out loud. At times they write about things in life that hit very close to home, and this helps me realize that I'm not alone in my feelings. When Kristy wrote about her divorce and what she went through afterwards, it struck a chord in me, because I had gone through so many of the same feelings during my divorce and subsequent "dating time". When CAP writes about her "healing" after her divorce, it also strikes home, because she puts into words all the things I felt during that time in my life. It helps me realize that I am not alone in my feelings; that I am not "weird" for having these feelings.

The best time I've ever had commenting? This meme! :-)

The best time I've ever had writing? Well, that has not happened yet. That is in the near future, though - - with the Decatur Celebration coming up this year with a KICK-ASS entertainment lineup, I am planning a series of posts about some of the music groups dear hubby and I have worked with over 20 years of working stage at the festival. I'm gonna have FUN with this!

Anyway - - there's my answer . . . . :-)

P.S. You really need to go and check out Kristy's blog, She Just Walks Around With It. Trust me, you will love her. You will. Just go. Now. (Don't make me come over there!)