Thursday, July 28, 2011

Good Report!

My second post-op at the Doctor yesterday went very well! She is pleased with my healing progress, and thinks everything is looking good. We adjusted my estrogen dosage up a bit to help combat the mood swings (I mostly get "the tears" and will cry at everything, or nothing at all), but there are also times when I will get aggravated at something and just "snap" - - and that is NOT a good thing.

The Doctor has released me to go back to work on August 8th, part-time that first week. That will give my new medicine dosage a chance to start getting leveled out before diving back into the office scene. Fortunately, I have been able to do part-time work hours from my home computer, so it won't be like trying to get re-acclimated after a two month absence!

Am I looking forward to going back to work? Yes and no.

Yes, because I love the work that I do, and my officemates are the best you could ever find anywhere.

No, because - - well, it's been really nice being able to work from home, and spend more time here. I love my home. It's our dream house, and I spend so many work hours away from it that I miss it. And, I have been able to spend more time with my furry kitty-kids, and with Dear Mr. Dizzy also.

This time being home has made me realize that when it comes time for retirement, I will be able to handle it just fine. The problem with that? Well, that time is NOT going to be any time soon, unfortunately - - but someday, it will be our turn. Mr. Dizzy and I are BOTH looking forward to that day!

But, until then, it's back to the office on August 8th, and things will be just fine.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Road Trippin'

OKAY.....yesterday was my Maiden Voyage (or "Virgin Voyage" as my cousin Echo calls it), driving out of town by myself, for the first time since surgery. It consisted of a 35 mile trip to my home town to meet Dad for lunch and spend a little time with family. Mr. Dizzy had to work, so I decided it was time to try venturing out by myself, a little further than the short local trips to the Post Office and Walmart.

The day started out nice and cool, a bit of sun, and a nice breeze. I left the house around 9 AM and headed down. Stopping at a friend's house a few miles outside of my home town gave me a nice little break and a chance to visit, then it was on the rest of the way to Dad's. So far, so good.

Lunch was at my cousin's cafe downtown. I had never had the chance to eat there, since they are only open for lunch during the week, and I'm never down there at that time (too damn busy working all the time!). Lunch was fantastic, and all homemade. Other family members also work there, so it was a nice chance to have a good meal, and also get in a bit of a visit with family.

With our tummies happy, we headed back to Dad's house to spend a little time together. But, I was starting to feel my energy level diminish, so decided to cut the visit short and head back towards home. I made it with no problem, but was starting to feel extremely tired, so leaving early was definitely the right decision!

Mr. Dizzy and I decided that today we would head to the Farmer's Market at the College early, and then on to Tuscola to our booth at the antique shop to check things out, since I had not been able to get there since before surgery. I figured that since we were making it an early night, I would get plenty of sleep and be nice and recuperated for the trip.

I was wrong.....

Even though I slept hard, and slept all night, getting up this morning was a major chore.....I was exhausted! Fortunately, Mr. Dizzy was doing the driving. We stopped at the Farmer's Market and I sleepwalked through that, and then on the way over to the antique shop I kind of dozed. We made a quick pass through our booth, cleaning, rearranging items, and visiting a bit with the shop owner. By that time I was getting pretty tired, so we decided to cut it short and head back towards home.

Once we made it back to town, it was a quick stop for quick bite of lunch, and then - - thankfully - - home.

Is my energy level EVER going to come back? Yes, I know, it takes time. And, it's only been just under 5 weeks since the surgery. But, as anyone who knows me will tell you, I am NOT a patient person. And this is really getting to me. I am a high-energy person who is always having to do something to keep busy. This? Is driving me CRAZY.


Oh will come, all in good time.

Unfortunately, not soon enough for me!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Four Weeks Ago Today.....

My hysterectomy surgery was four weeks ago today. FOUR WEEKS! My, how times flies when you are having fun - - or even when you are not!

So far, the healing process has been going well. I have good days and bad, but the good days are becoming more the norm and the bad days are getting fewer and farther between.

I had high hopes of getting lots of things done while sitting in the recliner or sprawled out on my couch - - there are lots of books to read, a scarf to knit, recipes to be typed into my recipe blog. HIGH HOPES, I has them! But instead of all this, what has been happening instead?

Naps. Lots and lots of naps. And you know what I have discovered? I absolutely LOVE naps! Why we fight them as little kids, I don't understand. They are magical!

My first post-op checkup went well. The Doctor was pleased with my progress, and released me to be able to do some work hours on computer from home. And, I believe this has helped my healing process, because it has allowed me to start feeling like a real part of the team again.

I was also given permission to drive, but am still a bit hesitant about going out of town by myself, and have had to be content with just some short trips aroung town - - the bank, drugstore, grocery store, etc. Hopefully soon I will get my courage up and try an out-of-town trip.My next post-op checkup is July 27th. I am hoping for a return to work on August 1st, possibly half-days that first week. Looking forward to getting back to the office and back in the swing of things.

Wonder if there can be a cot put in my office for my daily nap?