Sunday, July 29, 2012


It's been a pretty nice weekend so far....

Went to lunch at Cheddar's yesterday with some ladies from the College - - some retired, some of us not so lucky to be. The company was good; but Cheddar's? Not so much. One friend got baby back ribs, and they were so hard and dry she could not eat them. They replaced them for her, and she took them home for dinner later. Some of the others got Caesar Salads that had basically no dressing on them; just dry salad. A quick comment to our waiter got that resolved as well.

Our waiter, Jeremy (a cute young thing)(Hush - - I may be old but I'm not dead) was not happy with the way our meals were turning out to be, and swore to us that he was definitely going back to the kitchen and check on what was going on. He apologized all over himself, and worked hard to please us. It wasn't his fault, and I made sure to tip him well for his efforts.

But some of us were ready to march back into that kitchen with him and kick some butt!

By the way, my Napa Chicken Ciabatta was fine. And very, very delicious.

Dear Mr. Dizzy is working today so I have the house to myself. Well, with 2 furballs, that is, and they seem to feel the need to follow me EVERYWHERE! Probably trying to make sure I don't take off and leave them......they tend to get a bit proprietary toward me on the weekends. They must like me or something....Go figure.  

Well, back to crafting and mending, while I still have some time before having to break and make dinner later. The house is quiet, and it's the perfect time to go to my little space and dig in!

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Winnie said...

I didn't get to see it, but I am not a fan of Lauer "tv"..I used to watch Today, but it became Matt Lauer all the time attitude. I liked Ann Curry and see where her class and kind attitude got her. Hope the today goes well for you and that clowns don't run over you. I am off today and off to BlogHer. It is in NYC so I don't have to travel so I decided to go. I am staying for 3 nights..I live in NYC and never stayed in Manhattan.. 2 days off from work....Have a great one.