Saturday, May 24, 2008

Busy, BUSY Day . . .

We moved Dad back to his own home today. He was so excited!

I had to work this morning, proctoring an ACT test for a student. That took care of my entire morning. While I was doing that, Dear Hubby and Dad packed up all Dad's "stuff" and moved it to his house. When I was finished working, I packed up all the groceries I had bought for Dad and brought them to his house and got them all put away. Then Dear Hubby fixed Dad's doorbell, front door lock and back door (which wasn't shutting right). We then headed on back home, leaving Dad smiling and waving from his OWN FRONT PORCH, looking very, very content and happy.

Not exactly the way I planned on spending my Wedding Anniversary, but at least we got the old dear back to his own home.

Yes, that's right - - today is our Wedding Anniversary. Twenty-two years today!

So even though it's been a busy, hectic day, I'm just happy. I'm with the love of my life - - my soulmate - - my life partner. That's all that matters!

Happy Anniversary, Steve. I love you more and more every day!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


The Vac dressing machine worked! Dad's incision is now completely healed (except for one little spot that he just needs to use a bandaid on), and Saturday we are moving him back to his own home.

He is so damned excited, I'm not sure if he will be able to sleep tonight!


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Oh, And?

We STILL can't get the damn printer to work . . . *grrrr*

Keep Your Fingers Crossed . . .

The new VAC dressing Dad has been wearing for over 2 weeks is working!

The Home Health Care nurse comes to change the dressing every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The last 2 times she has been here, she has said the incision is almost totally healed up!

Dad has a recheck with the Doctor next Wednesday, and we hope he will say that Dad is healed up enough to be released. If that is the case, Dad will be going home next weekend.

It's been good having him here and being able to spend time with the old guy, although it has been pretty hectic as well . . . extra time to spend in the mornings getting things done, extra meals to fix, extra laundry . . . but he is a very easy houseguest to have here, and Steve and I have both enjoyed it.

Speaking of my Dear Hubby Steve - - I am a very lucky woman. I have a husband who truly loves and respects my father, and treats him as if he is a part of his own family. I could not have gotten through this whole situation as well without him. I owe him BIG TIME for everything he has done. I love you lots, babe. I truly do.

Let's keep our fingers crossed for good news on Wednesday - - Dad is so anxious to finally go home to his own "space" - - but this house will seem pretty empty when he does.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

To all the Moms out there in Blog-land - -

Have a very Happy Mother's Day!

Monday, May 05, 2008

I'm Back!

My new computer just got set up and running this evening, and it's GREAT!

It's gonna be a tough week, getting everything reloaded and configured, but at least I'm BACK!!!!!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Quick Update

I probably won't be back online full time until early next week. Ran into a slight "glitch" with the new computer and the OLD printer, which required me ordering a card to install so the old printer can be plugged in. We are not feeling like setting everything up and then having to tear it all down in a couple of days to install the new part.

So I'm waiting - - patiently - - (heh).

But for now, I need to get off Hubby's computer so he can finish up his stuff, and so Dad can get some online time to check his e-mail. Having three people share one computer is NOT fun . . . but it will be over soon. It will. I hope . . .

Thursday, May 01, 2008

It's here!

My new computer arrived today! Hooray!!!!!

We probably won't have everything up and running until this weekend, but at least there is a light at the end of the tunnel now!

Hopefully I will be back on and posting again soon, because I have LOTS to talk about and no way of taking the time to work on them.

Be back soon!