Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I have cholesterol issues. Have for a few years. My doctor put me on Pravastatin, and counseled me to watch what I eat....fat intake, sugars, breads, etc. For years I have gone back every 4 months to get my cholesterol levels checked, and they have never gone down.


I would ask the doctor what else I could do, and kept getting the same spiel - - take my meds, watch what I eat - - lather, rinse, repeat.

I don't go to that doctor anymore.

Checked with my NEW doctor today and we went over my cholesterol levels, and discussed the Pravastatin and its lack of help with the levels. In his own words, it has done NOTHING for me, and instead of wasting my money on pills that don't work, I should probably just be drinking the water for all the good it's doing. So he has decided to switch me to a new med, starting today. And we will do a blood draw in 6 weeks to see how the levels are doing, and how my liver is doing on this new pill.

At least I now have a doctor who listens to me, talks with me, and is willing to try other things if what are doing presently doesn't work. Thank God.

So I'm keeping my fingers crossed here, and hoping for the best.

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