Tuesday, July 03, 2012


We had a very "freaky" storm yesterday evening. It was bright and sunny outside at our house, when we suddenly hear an extremely loud boom of thunder. ??? Looked outside and the sun was shining brightly. Stepped out on the back porch and got pelted with raindrops! Looked to the East, and the sky was black, and a whole lot of lightning. Then the wind started - - FROM THE EAST, which is extremely unusual! The next thing we knew, the trees were blowing wildly and we were getting rain. Not a lot, but I'll take whatever we can get!

On another note - - For being on "vacation" I have really gotten a lot accomplished already, and it's only Tuesday! Got up early again today and was at the Gym by 6:30 AM. Walked out an hour later, went to Walmart and found the extra plant I needed, got home and got a bit of yard work done while it was still a little bit cooler. That didn't last long - - by 8:30 AM it was already starting to steam, so back inside I went. Kitchen and laundry room are cleaned, and also managed to fit in a bit of playtime with the kittykids. Even with me working and running around the house like a crazy woman, they seem to be pretty happy having me home.

Tonight when Mr. Dizzy gets off work we will be heading North to pick up tables and stuff for this weekend's sale. Since he's being so nice and helpful about all of this (the man has the patience of a saint)(he needs it, being married to me!) I will treat him to supper while we are out. Just because he's such a good boy.  :-)  We just may get this sale pulled together yet......and I am going to be very happy when it's done!

The forecast for the rest of this week, including our sale weekend, is temps  right up around the 100 degree mark. This is not going to be fun. But the barn has 2 big doors to open, and we have a fan to set up, so hopefully we will have enough of a breeze to make it tolerable. *keeping fingers crossed*

Time to wrap this post up....I hear the kittykids calling me to come play with them!  :)

Carmichael: "Come rub my belly, Mom!"

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