Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Well, It's Starting.....

Fall Semester is always our "Nightmare" semester.....and it is looking like this year will be no exception.......

My coworker and her husband (who also works with our College Technology) are gone this week on vacation.

Our Tech Services Director is gone on vacation this week.

My two student workers were helping out the Tech Services guys with tearing down/rebuilding a computer lab all day.

I was along in the office all day.

And it was a ZOO. A total freakin' ZOO.

And it is just beginning....... because classes don't start until August 20th. So there is a LOT more time for the circus to get into full swing.

The "Flying Monkeys" made an earlier than usual appearance this year. I see the "Clown Cars" waiting in the wings.


It's gonna be a LONG week.

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