Sunday, July 08, 2012


Finally got everything boxed up that was left over from the sale. There is really not very much left, not at all! But what is left will definitely benefit the sale next weekend to raise funds for By Grace Orphanage. Glad we can help out a bit with that.

All we need to do now is get the tables we borrowed back to their rightful owners, take my tubs of antiques back down to the basement, and put our tables back in storage. So not much left to do.

It has been great being off work this past week, in spite of being out in those terribly hot temps! But, all good things much come to an end, and tomorrow I will be back in the office and playing catch-up. I'm not really ready to go back!  :-) 

Now, time to go have some more fun with Mr. Dizzy and the kittykids.....need to enjoy the last of my vacation!

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