Saturday, June 30, 2012

NaBloPoMo June - Day 30 - It's HOT!

The Midwest is under a heat warning. The past two days temps have reached the triple digits, and it doesn't look like it intends to break any time soon.

Well, that might not be totally accurate. Yesterday it hit 102 degrees, and then an hour later we must have had a cold snap come through, because the temp dove all the way down to 99 degrees. Gee, time to dig out the sweaters, isn't it? (Not.)

Today looks to be another day of triple-digit temps. So what is going on with the Dizzy's today? Do I get to stay inside and be cool? Work on more crafts? Maybe cook something special for the Mister?

Of course not.

Today is the annual family gathering at the lake. Yes, the lake. Outside. Bugs, sun, and high temps and humidity.

I'm going, but I'm not exactly happy about it. I want to see a lot of the family, but I really am not relishing the idea of being miserable while I'm doing it. I'm not a real outdoorsy person....I don't go on the water, can't swim, and really am not real fond of bugs.


Wish me luck. And don't let me forget the sunscreen.

Friday, June 29, 2012

NaBloPoMo June - Day 29 - FINALLY!!

Got my meds. Finally! 

I talked with the nurse at the Doctor's office, and they had a 14 day supply of the Enjuvia they said I could have. Talked with CVS, and they still had the 30 days of Cenestin. (The two meds are interchangeable). So between the two, I now have six weeks of meds. A little breathing room, at least.

The Pharmacist at CVS told me she had checked directly with their vendor, and was told that they were hoping the manufacturing issues would be cleared up no later than October. Also, she said they still had 15 bottles of Cenestin to sell or dispose of, so she ordered a bottle of 100 to have on hand. Hopefully she will still have some at the end of six weeks when I need a refill.

But at least I have not completely run out. YET.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

NaBloPoMo June - Day 28 - Meds (Again)

Okay, this is going to get ugly.

I posted about my HRT meds situation here and here, and was hoping that all would turn out well.

Well, it hasn't. And now I'm going ballistic.

When I got my prescription transferred over to CVS from Walgreen's, the pharmacy tech told me that they would fill the balance of my order for that month when I needed it, near the end of the month. I thought that was a bit strange, but figured it might have had something to do with the fact that I was a brand new CVS customer, and had never gotten prescriptions filled there before. She assured me - - she PROMISED me - - that she was going to take those 10 pills and put them back with my name on them so that they would be there for me when I needed them. She said she was going to do that "right now."



Last night on my way home from a hair appointment, I went by CVS to get the balance of the prescription, since I was down to 3 pills. The young man checked records, shelves, pills. Nothing with my name on them. And the other balance of the pills they had in stock previously? Gone. None left, including the 10 that were supposedly reserved and held back for me.

He called 2 other CVS stores, none of them have the pills in stock. Checking computer records, it shows that they are on "Hold" and that they cannot be reordered until September. He then checked my previous med, Cenestin, and said he had 30 of those in stock, but their status was also on "Hold" and could not be reordered until September.

I am NOT a happy camper here. I mean, what the hell is the deal? I know I can't be the only woman in the world who has to take the plant-derived HRT because my system doesn't tolerate the animal-derived version. I KNOW I'M NOT.

His only other suggestion was that I could "call around" and try to find it. Like I can spend the whole damn day at work calling pharmacies to try and find some of the pills, only to have to redo the whole thing again in another month? And keep having to transfer my prescription from pharmacy to pharmacy? That is just NOT going to happen.

This morning I called my Doctor and talked with her. She said they have some Enjuvia at their office, and I need to contact them tomorrow and see what we can work out. So at least I can have some pills for a short duration until we can come up with some sort of game plan.

This is not going to be fun.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

NaBloPoMo June - Day 27 - Wednesday

Kind of a random day - - nothing terribly notable about it, just a "random" sort of day. So I guess this is going to be a "random" sort of post.
  • This evening is the June Culinary Arts Dinner, and to go with a Summer theme, it is a Barbeque. The menu sounds fantastic: Smoked Pulled Pork, BBQ Chicken, Grilled Sausage and Peppers, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, Baked Beans, and Macaroni and Cheese. All food is prepared and presented by the Culinary Arts students, under direct tutelage of the Chefs. I made reservations for myself and Mr. Dizzy, who will be meeting me here at the College at 5:00.
  • Immediately following dinner, Mr. Dizzy heads home and I head downtown to the salon to get my hair cut. Not trimmed - - CUT. I have hair to my shoulders, and love it at this length. However, my hair is VERY thick. Good ol' Italian hair....thick, and HOT. And we are under a heat advisory for the next week (well, it IS Summer, after all!). Today it will hit the mid-90's, tomorrow they are forecasting triple-digit temps. As in 100+. Hair is coming off, and staying shorter for the rest of the Summer season!
  • I am in Week 4 of my online class, and my attention span is not what is should be. Too many distracting "ooh shiny!" moments. Such as last the computer, my article summary called up on the monitor, textbook, article, and assignment directions spread out on the desk in front of me - - suddenly covered by big, fat, black kitty belly. Lil Dude decided that his belly was WAY more important than any piddly homework Mom was trying to do! No matter what I said, no matter what I did, he laid there, belly exposed, eyes imploring me to rub his belly...."It will make you feel better, Mom." Really it will!" You know, he was right. Homework got packed up and put away until this morning. Funny how work at my office is actually less distracting than kitty belly!
Hope everyone is prepared for the hot weather tomorrow. Stay inside where it is cool and safe if you possibly can. And be sure your animals are safe as well!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

NaBloPoMo June - Day 26 - Survivor Car Show (part 2)

Once we got into St. Charles and found Pheasant Run, we got parked and started walking to the show entrance. Parking was across the street and a little ways down from the show, so it was a nice little walk - - got our blood pumping and got us woke up a bit. As we were waiting to cross the street to get to the show, we started chatting with a couple of elderly gentlemen waiting to cross also, about the show. They asked if we had ever attended before; we said no. They then asked if we had out admission tickets, and again the answer was no. One of the gentlemen told us it was $20 to get in, and asked if we had a Corvette (since the main show was the Bloomington Gold Corvette Show). We said no, and Mr. Dizzy started telling him about his "survivor" car and how we were on a "fact-finding mission" to scout out for next year's Survivor show.

What happened next really surprised of the gentlemen said they were Bloomington Gold club members, and they had been given 8 VIP passes each. They had shared a lot of them with family members and friends, but still had quite a few left that they knew would not get used since this was the last day of the show. He then asked his friend to give us a couple of them, effectively saving us $40 in entrance fees!

We were, in a word, amazed. Oh, and grateful. Very, very grateful. Sometimes something surprising and good happens and restores your faith in humankind.

The Survivor show was really nice! Lots of old, original cars, and lots of nice people. Actually, most car people are very nice, and a lot of fun to talk to. MOST of them, that anything else, you always run into one or two who you wish would just go away. But the majority ar good folks.

From what we saw at the Survivor show, Mr. Dizzy's car stands a very good chance of making it to the "Zenith" level, the top status a car can reach. The show next year is in Champaign, Illinois, MUCH closer to home. We are already making plans to get the car entered into the show, and are really looking forward to it!

We finally got on the road after a bite to eat at Boston Market, and then a quick trip to Trader Joe's (never been to one, can't wait to go back!) and made it back home just before 9:00 PM. After getting everything unloaded from the truck and in the house, it was a matter of unpacking just enough "stuff" to be able to get ready for work the next day, then off to bed with the "velcro kitty-kids" (yes, very clingy....apparently them missed us or something). After such a long, hot and tiring weekend, you would think we would fall asleep immediately, but that was not the case. The Mr. was still pumped up from the show and what he found out, and I still felt like I was riding in the truck.

So Monday was "zombie day" for both of us. But we survived.

All in all, it was a GREAT weekend! Just fun to get away and spend some time together.

Monday, June 25, 2012

NaBloPoMo June - Day 25 - Survivor Car Show

Mr. Dizzy and I spent the weekend in the Fox River Valley area so we could go to the Survivor Car Show at Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles, Illinois. The show, which is run in conjunction with the Bloomington Gold Corvette Show, highlights "survivor" cars - - cars which are originals, not restored or having major portions of the vehicle replace or upgraded. In fact, you lose points for perfection, which is actually kind of neat. They want to see cars that are as original as possible.

Mr. Dizzy has such a car....a year or so ago his Dad gave him his 1965 Pontiac Tempest, which he drove off the showroom floor on September 30, 1964. The car is in excellent condition, all original, with a little over 70,000 original miles on it. He would like to get it entered into the show next year, so this year was a "fact-finding" mission.

However, on our way up we stopped in Pontiac, Illinois at the Pontiac-Oakland Museum so that the Mr. could drop off a donation. While in town we had lunch at Lucy's Cup Cafe, which is a nice little place with GREAT food. Before leaving town I stopped at a resale shop there on the square, and scored a shirt, a purse, and a pair of sandals for just a little bit of nothing. A definite win!

We got to the Fox River Valley Saturday afternoon, and checked into our hotel room in Yorkville, which is about 17 miles from St. Charles. We decided to stay a bit outside of St. Charles, because with all the Bloomington Gold participants around (it's a huge show) hotel rooms were scarce AND extremely expensive. So in looking outside that area, well - - a Super 8 for $58/night seemed pretty good! The room was clean and quiet, so that's all that mattered.

Yorkville had some pretty good restaurant choices, and we settled on Maciano's for Italian. I had a Caprese sandwich, which was fresh-sliced tomatoes, discs of fresh mozzarella, and fresh basil leaves, served open-faced on on Italian roll, drizzled with garlic olive oil and heated in their pizza over until the bottom of the bread was crispy and the cheese was melted. OMG yummy.....Mr. Dizzy had a Calzone with pepperoni, Italian Sausage and cheese, with Marinara sauce on the side for dipping. He loved it.

Sunday morning started off a bit shaky with the clock radio alarm in our room not going off, so we woke up about a half-hour later than we wanted to. We scrambled around getting ready and pulling everything together, and finally got out of there (after reporting the faulty alarm to the front desk). Super 8 has a free breakfast, but we opted for the Dunkin' Donuts across the parking lot....grabbed a couple of doughnuts and some juice, and hit the road.

I will tell more about the weekend and the car show the next couple of posts. Lots to share!  :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

NaBloPoMo June - Day 24 - Home

We spent the weekend in the Fox River Valley area (Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles, IL). Good weekend, but SO glad to be home. Now that things are in the house, and things for work tomorrow are found and ready to go, it's time for bed. The kitty-kids are being VERY demanding and "clingy" so we know it's best to do what they want.....I think they missed us.

It was a LONG, HOT weekend, but a good one. More tomorrow.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

NaBloPoMo June - Day 23 - Contratulations!

My former daughter-in-law (aka The Daughter I Never Had) - - the one who just had the darling little Tyler, got married yesterday! She has a wonderful man in her life, who loves her, loves my grandsons, and treats them right. I am very happy for ALL of them!

Congratulations, Dawn and Kevin! Here is wishing you many, many happy years together!

Friday, June 22, 2012

NaBloPoMo June - Day 22 - Easter

No, not the religious holiday. Easter the bunny. And no, not the "Easter Bunny" either. Easter is a yard bunny, who just happens to live in our yard at the Mr. & Mrs. Dizzy homestead.

How did Easter get his name? Well, here's the story:

Back in April, on Easter weekend, Mr. Dizzy and I were busily mowing our 5 acres on that nice Saturday morning. Mr. Dizzy finished up in the big meadow with the large tradtor, which is a major portion of our acreage, and went inside briefly to take a short break. I continued on with the smaller Toro in the back yard.

Suddenly, I saw a smallish rabbit run away from where I was getting ready to mow. That scared me, because I did NOT want to run over a rabbit's nest and kill any babies! So, I immediately stopped mowing and turned off the tractor, went in the house and got Mr. Dizzy, and we started looking for the nest.

We found TWO of them. One I had already mowed over, but there were no rabbits in it, thank goodness! We think that is where the one I saw running must have been staying, and he beat big bunny feet getting out of the way before I went over it. *whew* .... close one.

We kept looking around where I had not mowed yet, and found the second rabbit nest, and inside was this tiny, itty-bitty bunny baby. He was laying there, really still, hiding. I am sure he was scared to death! But the strange part was, he stayed there while we knelt by him, talking softly to him, and even let us softly stroke him with a gloved finger. He did not even attempt to take off.

Well, Mr. Dizzy decided he needed to be moved so nothing happened to him. So, I went down to the basement and found a small box, which the Mr. started filling with fresh cut grass. He then picked up the little bunny, placed it in the grass-filled box, and shut the lid. The box was then placed on the back porch, safely away from the mowing, so I jumped back on the Toro and finished up that part of the yard. We then got the box and turned the baby loose.....and he immediately ran WAYYYYY back to the part of the yard behind the barn - - that Mr. Dizzy had not gotten mowed yet.


We really didn't expect him to go THAT direction and run THAT far. But he did.

SO - - here we go, with the box of grass, down behind the barn to find him. He was just laying there, and let us even pet him again. So Mr. Dizzy got him in the box a second time, and we hurried up to get the mowing finished. Once we were done, we opened the box and let the little guy go. He ran off happily and joined his other bunny friend.

SInce we had rescued him (twice) and it was Easter weekend, we decided to call him Easter.

Fast-forward to present day. The two yard bunnies are still here, and one is still quite a bit smaller than the other, and we believe that one is Easter. And the amazing thing? In the mornings, when Mr. Dizzy leaves the house to get to his truck and go to work, the smaller bunny is there, in the back yard, and just sits there watching him. Mr. Dizzy always makes a point of stopping and just talking to him, and the bunny just sits there, watching and listening to him.

And this happens almost every morning!

This little guy has also stopped and listened to me if I come outside and see him....he doesn't run away scared like the other bunny does. Having us around doesn't seem to bother him at all. I guess he knows we are the "good guys" and he has nothing to fear.

Kinda neat, actually.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

NaBloPoMo June - Day 21 - Facebook Class

I taught a "Navigating Facebook" class last night. Interesting subject, and extremely hard to do. If you are on Facebook at all, you probably know why I say that - - they keep changing things, just randomly, all the time, just to frustrate the hell out of all of us.

So I warned everyone, right up front, that everything we convered, anything they learned, would more than likely be obsolete by the time they got back home. That got a bit of a chuckle out of them, but sadly is way too true.....

In fact, the handouts given to me to hand out and use in class? Were just recently downloaded and printed, and as I read through them, I could see things that already were different.

Facebook is a GREAT way to keep up with friends and family members. Facebook is TERRIBLE at trying to keep up with.....maybe someday they will get their act together and quit driving us crazy? Maybe?

Nope, I don't thing so either.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

NaBloPoMo June - Day 20 - Random

Nothing really specific to write about today. It's been a hectic week, and my brain is scrambled. So this post will be scrambled also......
  • It's hot out. EXTREMELY hot and humid. Clothes-stick-to-your-skin uncomfortable. So what does this place do? Cranks up the A/C to an extreme level, so that even though it is Hades-hotter-than-Hell outside, people are wearing jackets and running mini-space heaters in the offices. It's a bad sign when I open up my office door first thing in the morning and an Arctic blast of cold air rushes over me. A nice middle ground would be appreciated.....
  • Working late tonight.....I was asked to lead a "Navigating Facebook" non-credit class this evening. Should be interesting - - the way Facebook can't seem to make up their minds and keep changing things on a minute-by-minute basis, everything they learn tonight will be obsolete by the time they get back home!
  • Speaking of classes, I am taking an online class this summer as well. It's an 8-week course, and is pretty interesting. The main issue I have is that there are quite a few things in the way the course is set up. But, that could just be me; when you work with course design and development all day it tends to make one a tad bit "critical."
That's the "scramble" for today. Hopefully tomorrow my brain will be more on one track than it is today!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

NaBloPoMo June - Day 19 - Yummmmmmm

I made a HUGE batch of Red Beans 'n' Rice for the office today.....sausage, onions, tomatoes, chunks of smoked sausage, all served with Jasmine Rice.....


The whole office smells amazing......can't wait for lunchtime!

Monday, June 18, 2012

NaBloPoMo June - Day 18 - A New Addition!

My former daughter-in-law (aka the daughter we never had) and her significant other had a baby boy yesterday. Tyler James made his appearance into the world Sunday evening. 7 pounds, 10 ounces of bouncing baby boy.

What makes this extra special is that it was Father's Day, and it was Momma Dawn's Birthday. I cannot imagine a better Father's Day present or Birthday present for the happy couple.

Welcome to the world, little one! SO happy to have you here with us!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

NaBloPoMo June - Day 16 - HOT day

Summer is definitely showing today! 88 degrees, humid, sunny, and unfortunately very, very dry. We need rain. We need it NOW. And we need quite a bit of it.

Mr. Dizzy and I have been working and planning a massive rummage sale for the weekend after the Fourth of July holiday. I have been spending lots of "quality time" in the basement, sorting and pricing items for the sale. I'm beginning to feel like a mushroom, being in the cool, underground cavern.....

So far we have an amazing amount of "stuff" for the sale. Mr. Dizzy has been hard at work cleaning out the barn so we will have a large space to set up all the tables. It's not just our things, but items from his parents, his brother's family, and a couple of friends of mine. It's going to be HUGE!

So if you are in Central Illinois the first weekend in July, specifically the are just North of Decatur, look for the bright pink signs and arrows pointing the way. I'm sure I have something you just can't live without.....  :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

NaBloPoMo June - Day 15 - Conference

Well, the conference is finished. The Keynote Speaker was a wonderful fellow, very nice, very personable, but as a speaker? Not very motivational. He is definitely a "policy" guy, and giving a report in a board room he would probably be in his element. But motivational? Sorry, the session was lacking.....but I'm sure a lot of folks in the audience got some good information out of it. Just not my cup of tea.

I did attend a session on social issue theater productions that was absolutely fantastic! The presenter was very dynamic, engaged her audience, and did a wonderful job. LOVED that session!

The lunch? Um - - probably better left unsaid. (Actually, it probably would have been better left uneaten. Yes, it was THAT bad.)

The problem with me attending this conference? I worked it for so many years, and have very strong feelings on how it should be run. But, since I am out of the loop, I have no say in things, nor do I want a say in anything! But it still bugs me to sit there and see the way some things are done, and know how different it used to be.

All in all, it's not a bad conference, but it could definitely use some changes in procedures. Just my humble opinion.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

NaBloPoMo June - Day 14 - Diversity

This afternoon starts the Annual Diversity Conference at our College: "Serving the World Outside Our Door." Just got back from registering and picking up my "swag" - - 

The office I used to work in here was basically in charge of planning and running the conference. Since I have not worked in that office for the past 5 years, I am not directly involved in that anymore, so  I can actually attend it!

Even after 5 years, it feels really strange to be on this side of the Registration table.....

Looking forward to attending some good sessions tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

NaBloPoMo June - Day 13 - Meds

Well, CVS has the HRT med I need, in stock. At least for the moment. I will have the balance of my current month's prescription, at least. Next month? Anybody's guess.....

But, getting the med from CVS was not without its own hiccups. (Why should anything in my life ever be EASY? What fun would that be?)

I went into CVS and spoke with the lady I had talked to on the phone the day before. She had me speak with one of the pharmacists so that I could get my customer profile set up and they could request the presecription transfer from Walgreens. Everything was going along swimmingly, until it came time to hand over my insurance cards.....

I have 2 insurances - - mine through the College, and a secondary one through Mr. Dizzy's work (which is Caterpillar). I usually use Cat's prescription card, because the meds co-pay is normally a bit cheaper for me.

CVS can't use Cat insurance.

Me: "You don't accept Cat insurance?"

Pharmacist: "Cat doesn't accept US!"


So I turn over my College insurance card, and it was accepted with no problem. So now I may be paying a bit more for the meds, but at least I will HAVE them!

But do NOT even get me started on "Managed Health Care" and all the stupid rules, regulations and red tape. I get so damn sick and tired of jumping through hoops!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

NaBloPoMo June - Day 12 - Meds Update

This is NOT going to be pretty. In fact, it is more than likely going to get pretty ugly before it's all over.

Last week, when Walgreens reported to me that they had a "temporary shortage" of my HRT med, they specifically told me that it "wasn't a manufacturer issue" and that it was just that they were "waiting on a delivery from their warehouses."

Well, they lied.

Last night, the Pharmacy Manager told me that it "was a manufacturer issue" and that they could not guarantee when, or even IF, they would be getting any more in.

Mind you, I have to take this med every day. EVERY. DAY.


I have been contacting other pharmacies, and have found one local CVS that still has it in stock. I am stopping there tonight after work and have them call Walgreens to get the balance of my prescription filled. And then since they still have some in stock, hopefully be able to keep getting it.

But, my Doctor's office is on notice that there is a very strong chance that I will be having to change over to something else, AGAIN, very soon. And my options are pretty narrow - - with my system having an extremely low tolerance of the animal-derived HRT meds, the plant-derived ones are few.

This is kinda scary. *keeping fingers crossed*

Monday, June 11, 2012

NaBloPoMo June - Day 11 - Monday.....

Mondays are "blah" days, mostly.

This Monday is no different.

Nothing major, actually, just stuff that I am having to deal with, which makes it a "blah" day.....
  • Dealing with Walgreens, who keep shorting me on my prescription refills for my hormone replacement.....they may want to watch out for that, it could get dangerous!
  • Dealing with our former doctor's office, who have repeatedly failed to get our medical records sent to our new doctor's office. Since JANUARY. Mine finally arrived at the new doctor's last week; Mr. Dizzy's still has not. Last we heard, they "couldn't find them back in their old records file room." They better hurry and locate them. It may get ugly (See the point above about homone replacement pills)
  • Dealing with a Gym that for some reason has not been opening on Saturday mornings when they should be (8:00 AM), which pushes my workout time back, and with my hectic schedule, makes me have to cut my workout short. They better get back on track, or it may get ugly (Again, see the point above about hormone replacement pills)
I need to contact my Gyn doctor's office to let them know what is happening with Walgreens and the pills, I need to contact the Pharmacy Manager at Walgreens and discuss the situation with him (the clerk on Saturday could not, or maybe was unwilling to, give me a decent answer about the situation), will be asking him for the name and contact information for his Regional Rep, and will more than likely wind up having to contact Walgreens Corporate to discuss the matter.

Like I said, it may get ugly. It is NEVER a smart thing to mess with a woman's homones.

Stay tuned.....

Sunday, June 10, 2012

NaBloPoMo June - Day 10 - Lazy Sunday

Things for a lazy Sunday - - 
  • Sunshine outside and a light breeze blowing in the windows and doors
  • Lazy gray Carmichael Kitty sleeping in the bay window sun
  • Pot Roast in the crockpot making the house smell yummy (Roasted Veggies to be added soon)
  • (Not so) Lil Dude padding through the house, panther-like, following me from room to room
  • Curling up on the loveseat, with my textbook (summer class), reading with a kitty curled up and pressed against my leg
All part of a lovely weekend day......

Saturday, June 09, 2012

NaBloPoMo June - Day 9 - Slug-a-bugs, Yo


That is what I have in my house today....



Disgusting, isn't it?

(Think it's time I joined them for a nap!)

Friday, June 08, 2012

NaBloPoMo June - Day 8

Last night was a great night....met with "The Ladies" for dinner. And it was yummy!

"The Ladies" is a group of my classmates. Some of us have known each other since Kindergarten. Considering that we have been out of school for a  *cough*  couple of years  *cough*  that means a lot of history there!

Last night we met at one classmate's cabin on the lake of the small town we grew up in. It's a cute little place that she and her husband fixed up and decorated, and it's a fun place to meet. The setting is calm and peaceful, right on the lakefront, with a beautiful view of the water from the windows or the deck.

For dinner, Indian Tacos were on the menu. I had never had them, and was looking forward to trying them. In a word, they were AMAZING. The taco "shell" is actually Navajo Fry Bread, which then get the taco toppings put on them - - refried beans, taco meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, etc.


So, of course I had to go online and find a recipe, because this is something that I definitely WILL be making for Dear Mr. Dizzy. Here is a link for the Navajo Fry Bread recipe, as well as a picture tutorial on Indian Tacos that I found on the Pioneer Woman's blog: 

Once I fix them myself, I will definitely be posting the recipe on my Recipe Blog.

Give them a try. I bet you will love them, too!

Thursday, June 07, 2012

NaBloPoMo June - Day 7 - Something New

The prompt question was "What is something you'd like to jump into if you had more time/money?"

Well, THAT'S an easy one.

I would jump right into retirement! But I would not just sit around and do nothing. Nope, no way. Retirement would give me more time to do more card-making, mini birdhouse painting, and other crafty "stuff." I would also sign up for sewing classes to learn more about my machine and how to do more than just hem or sew a straight seam.

I would be one very, very busy lady. And would love it.

But the economy the way it is today, retirement is a LONG, LONG way off.....*sigh*

Maybe someday.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

NaBloPoMo June - Day 6 - New Projects

Today's prompt question was, "How do you feel about starting new projects?"

Um, well, okay I guess. I have had to do enough of them. And still am doing them.  :)

One new project I started a couple of years ago was taking online courses to complete my Mater Online Teacher (MOT) Certificate. I had never taken an online class before, and since I had just recently started working in my present job in the online field, figured it was about time to do so. Not only would I learn more about working in the online environment, I would be able to use my own experiences as an online student.

Last year I completed my MOT Certificate. Yay me! I am done with classes, online or otherwise. Right? RIGHT??


My supervisor found an online class titled "Supporting Students Online" and has talked me into taking it alnog with her.


Here I am, back in the saddle again, student-wise.

So, if I didn't deal with with starting new projects, I would have been in big trouble the past few years, and would continue to be, wouldn't I? Just sayin' is all.  :)

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

NaBloPoMo June - Day 5 - Jumping In

For June NaBloPoMo, BlogHer gives "writing prompts" to give bloggers ideas of what to write about. Since I am trying to get back into the swing of this blogging "thing" and having some issues with finding topics, I'm going to be using some of these. Thank you, BlogHer!

The topic posted today is, "What is something you recently jumped into?"

I don't know that this would be classified as "recent," but 5 years ago I decided to make a major job change. I was an Administrative Assistant to one of the Vice President's here at the College, and had been in the administrative clerical field for more than 30 years. But my real love was working with computers. I had completed my A.A.S. Degree in Computer Information Systems a few years before that, and used the knowledge gained there to enhance my job.

It was nice, but it was not what I wanted to do my entire life. However, with the job market the way it is, I just counted myself lucky to have a job, kept my hand in for learning the new programs that were coming out, and called it good.

Then the Online Support Specialist resigned, and the opening was posted. As I read the job description, something inside me woke up. This job - - THIS job - - is what I wanted to do. It was the field I wanted to be in. It was the type of work I wanted to do.

I was scared to death thinking of making a change this major. I fretted and worried and lost sleep thinking about it. I drove Mr. Dizzy CRAZY with all my nervousness! But, being the loving, supportive husband that he is, he told me, "Get off your ass and apply already! We both need to get some sleep!" (Actually, not exactly in those words, but you get the idea.....)

So I applied.And amazingly enough, I got it!

It was rough at first, switching over to a completely different line of work, but thankfully I had been at the College enough years to know who to ask for help, and what to ask for. I have been through four different supervisors in the past 5 years - - the first one temporary, then a Director, then a Dean when the Director left, and then another Director (who thankfully is still here). The current Director and I work together very well, and have taken the department in a completely different direction than the one it was heading in (and it is much better for the change).

If I had let my initial fears get the better of me and not applied, I would not have this amazing job, working with the most amazing people on campus. I am glad I allowed myself to "jump in" and take the chance!

Monday, June 04, 2012

NaBloPoMo June - Day 4 - Well, It's Started!

Today starts the beginning of a new semester. It will have its crazy, crackpot moments, I'm sure! Summer usually isn't as bad, but still has its ups and downs.

Here's keeping my fingers crossed that I make it through the day with my nails only halfway chewed down and most of the hair left on my head.

And if you think I'm just talking about the STUDENTS, well - - think again!  :-)

Wish me luck!

Update: It's been a ZOO, as expected!

Sunday, June 03, 2012

NaBloPoMo June - Day 3 - New Semester

Extremely short post here - - it's really hard finding things to post about when I've been away so darn long! It'll get better.....really it will.....

Today is the "calm before the storm" since tomorrow starts the Summer Semester at work. The first week of any semester is usually extremely hectic and a bit crazy; even though Summer is usually smaller and not quite as crazy, it still has its moments. So it's good to be able to enjoy a day of peace and quiet before it all hits tomorrow morning.

I have been getting my "craft" on lately..... making cards, projects, and lots of other crafty "stuff". Hopefully during this NaBloPoMo month of June I will be able to post pictures of some of the things I've been making lately.

So stay tuned.....

Friday, June 01, 2012

NaBloPoMo June - Day 1 - Gonna Try This.....

Well, I have not posted on the blog for a LONG time. Writing burn-out, I guess. That, and being extremely has been hectic at best.

So, what better way to try and unlock the writing muse than to participate in a challenge?

I have decided to *try* to participate in BlogHer's June NaBloPoMo. Maybe knowing that my blog is listed in this month's blogroll will make me feel more accountable to actually doing something on this site. Hopefully. The guilt alone will make me post *something* each day. (Raised Catholic. We know about guilt.)

So, keep posted this month, and wish me luck. Hopefully by the end of June my writing muse will look on me favorably again and I will start showing up here more often.