Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Congratulations, Travis!

Well, it's official - -

Dear Nephew Travis is going to a church!

A church in Pensacola, Florida, has contacted him and asked him to be their Youth Pastor. He and Leah will be leaving mid-August.

Oh, to be that age, and starting out a new life together, and the adventures that await them . . .I'm jealous! (not really - - perfectly happy where I am, thankyouverymuch!)

I'm happy, I'm excited - - and I'm sad.

I'm gonna miss that boy . . .

LOVE YOU, NEPHEW!!! (Oh, and of course you too, Leah!)

God Bless both of you!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Music, Friends, and Fun

Dear Hubby Steve went to the Lakeside Arts and Music Festival at Nelson Park on Lake Decatur last night. The festival has a lot of arts vendors and demos, food and drinks, and entertainment. Our friends, the Chicago Blues band Deluxury, were the entertainment on the main stage that evening, and we were looking forward to seeing Dave and Mike and the guys put on a good show.

We got down there a little late, and most of the arts vendors were closing up shop, so we decided to grab a bite to eat and then go check out the stage area and maybe have a few moments to visit with our friends.

It was an excellent show, and the weather was absolutely perfect - - sky was clear, stars were shining brightly, and the music was, of course, fantastic.

Once the show was over, Steve and I walked along the waterfront, making our way back to the the truck. It was dark, with very few lights on in the area. There was just a small breeze, and as we walked, you could hear the water lapping against the shore. It reminded us both of the time - - gosh, 23 years ago now - -

Steve and I had just met and started dating when he lost his job. He was pretty nervous that since he didn't have the money to actually take me out on dates, I would not want to see him. Well, he didn't have to worry about that - - we spent many evenings over the next few weeks down at the lakefront at Nelson Park, walking and talking, and really getting to know each other. We became close friends and confidants, and - - well, that gave us a good solid foundation to build on.

And look where we are now - - all these years later.

Steve and I have had our ups and downs, good times and bad. Sometimes the going gets rough, like at the present time, when our other house still has not sold and money is SO tight . . .

But walking the lakefront with Steve last night brought back so many good memories - - of when it was all brand new and exciting and scary, all at the same time.

And you know what? Even if I had known back than what I know now, and knew how hard it was going to be sometimes, and the difficulties we would have to overcome . . .

I wouldn't change a thing.

I took a chance way back then on a new boyfriend who was newly unemployed - - and I will take that chance now. It WILL get better for us. We WILL weather this latest storm, just like we did way back when.

"For better or for worse" - - THAT is what it's all about!

Rummage, Rummage, and MORE Rummage . . .

Ever had a Rummage Sale? Well - - we had a DANDY one this past weekend!

As Dear Hubby and I were unpacking over the last few months, we also did a lot of "sorting", and everything that was not being kept went to the basement in boxes labeled "Sale". Over time, this pile of 'stuff' has grown and grown, and nearly threatened to take over the basement! (I'm exaggerating, but not much . . . )

Anyway - - It came time to have the sale.

Steve and I spent the better part of a week making sure the barn was all cleared out and clean. My friend Cindy came over a couple of days and helped me price everything. (She also had lots of things for the sale). My friend Betty, another sale participant, made arrangements with her church to borrow some long tables to use for the sale. We had things from my Dad and my in-laws, and even Steve managed to let go of some items.

Finally, the time came to get it all set up. I took last Thursday afternoon off, and Cindy and I started in getting things out of the basement and into the barn.

Of course, it was raining. OF COURSE. So we had to back Steve's truck into the garage, cart everything up from the basement and into the garage, load up the truck, and then drive it to the barn to unload and put on tables.


Add to that having no power (read: no LIGHTS) in the barn, and that made time a real premium.

Finally, everything was out of the basement and into the barn. It was PACKED! Every table was full - - every wall had things lined up against it. Boxes and storage crates were being used for display space. We had SO MUCH STUFF! But it was getting late, and the sale started at 7 the next morning. So it was time for some sleep.

We got up at 4:45 AM. Steve went out and put up our bright pink poster-size signs, and then had to come home and get ready for work. I went out to the barn at 6:30 and opened the doors to start moving some larger items out into the driveway.

At 6:35, my first customer showed up. (Early sales? Sure! Bring 'em on!) Then another one showed up - - and another, and another, and another . . .

We did not have a break in customers until after 4:00 that afternoon.

It was a beautiful day, and people came out in droves! Cars were lined up on both sides of the road, and stuff was flying out the barn door in truckloads (seriously - - one person came in their car, left and got their pickup, and made TWO trips with that!).

Saturday the weather was just as beautiful, and sales were just as good.

We made some serious cash, and even better, we got rid of most of our 'stuff'!

We are already going through more 'stuff' and preparing for the next sale . . . :-)