Monday, June 28, 2010

Grace In Small Things: 26/2010

Things I am grateful for this week:

  • Good report from my dentist appointment!
  • Curling up with Lil Dude during the thunderstorms rolling through last Tuesday....he helped make it all better.
  • Great workout in the Body Sculpting class last Wednesday - - my muscles STILL ache! But it feels good.....
  • Celebrating my student worker's 21st birthday last Friday - - pizza and DQ Ice Cream Cake for lunch - - YUM!
  • Burgers and brats cooked out on the grill for supper, with fresh green beans and new potatoes on the side. LOVE all the fresh produce this time of year!

Count your blessings - - join Grace In Small Things.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Story of Lil Dude - Part Seven (The Rest of the Story)

Life got busier by the day at work. A had many projects going, and little time to do anything else. She was able to find a house she liked and made an offer, which was rejected. Then things stepped up even more, and she had virtually no time to house-hunt for awhile.

Lil Dude kept worming his way into our hearts - - gotta admit, the little guy is GOOD! His favorite thing seems to be coming up into our bed in the middle of the night and curl up on my stomach, purring. Then, he moves himself around until he is sleeping right in-between us, with my arm around him and his head on my shoulder....and he purrs himself (and me) to sleep.

How can I let go of THAT?? Well, the answer is - - I can't.

Mr. Dizzy and I were talking a couple of weeks ago, and he said, "You know, I think he is going to have to stay with us." I just about did cartwheels for joy! (That would NOT have been a pretty sight, believe me!) I had been worried that I actually would have to give up the little guy, and every time the thought crossed my mind, my heart would break a little. Yes, I know there was NO WAY we were keeping him, and NO WAY I would get attached to him.....but apparently Lil Dude had other ideas. It's amazing how such a little guy like that can take down two big ol' people like me and Mr. Dizzy. But he did.

I broke the news to A the following day, and she completely understood. She, too, had been wondering how Lil Dude would react being taken away from us and the other two cats, and being in a house alone with her and her brother, with no other cats around. I promised her that when she did get a house and moved in and settled, I would help her find her own little black kitty - - we may take a road trip to Springfield Animal Protective League (best place EVER to find a pet!) or, a classmate of mine has lots of cats on her farm, and she just informed me that she has two black kittens that need a home.

So someday A will have a "Lil Dude" of her own. But, THIS Lil Dude is happily settled in his "forever home" with me and Mr. Dizzy, along with big brother Carmichael and big sister Squeak. And it's all good.

NEXT - - a wrap-up of Lil Dude in pictures!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Grace In Small Things: 25/2010

What am I grateful for this week?
  • A 2-1/2 day weekend
  • Getting Squeak and Lil Dude's nails clipped - - no more "velcro kitties"!
  • Fresh spinach and zucchini's from the Outdoor Produce Market
  • A day all to myself with just the kitty-kids (just what the doctor ordered)
  • Dinner with my Dad on Father's Day - - my treat, of course! Happy Father's Day, Daddio! Love you!
Count your blessings - - join Grace In Small Things.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Story of Lil Dude: Part Six (the following week)

The next week I decided that even though Dude was going to another home, hopefully soon, it was still my responsibility to look after his health and welfare (and the welfare of my home as well). So I decided to cal the Vet and set up a time to get Dude neutered and all his shots. Not only would this help out A with the expense of a new pet, which would be difficult for her on top of all the moving/house expenses, but it would keep my two furbabes safe and also my furniture - - once he was neutered, he would not be spraying the place!

Friday came, and it was time to go to the Vet. I loaded up Dude in the carrier and took him in. This visit would consist of an overnight stay so that he could be monitored after the surgery to make sure there were no complications.

The hardest thing for me was walking out of there and leaving that little guy behind....he was mewing pitifully, and looking out the carrier door at me so sadly....I had to get a grip on myself. There would be NO getting attached to this adorable little guy!

As I drove off, I felt so guilty! It was just a couple of weeks earlier that someone had put him in a car, dumped him out and deserted him; left him for dead. I felt like I had betrayed the little guy - - deserted him. Even though I knew better, I was really worried about how he was feeling, how scared he must be.

I'm just too damn soft-hearted where cats are concerned. *sigh*

The following day I went back to the Vet to pick him up. As they brought the carrier out, Dude didn't see me at first - - but when I walked up to the counter and peered inside and said, "Hey, little guy" - - his eyes opened up wide, and he got so excited his whole body just started quivering! He started meowing and rubbing my hand against the carrier door. He was just so happy!

Dude laid in the carrier and just watched me the whole trip back home. He just laid there, purring and looking very content. When we got back home, we let him out and he just started running through the place as if he couldn't contain himself!

Uh-ohhhh - - he's feeling at home, and I'm getting totally attached.....

A had better find a home for herself and Lil Dude, and it better be quick.....

To be continued.......

Monday, June 14, 2010

Grace In Small Things: 24/2010

What I am grateful for this week:

  • Surviving first week of Summer classes, relatively unscathed.....
  • Fresh cherries off my cherry tree - - almost 60 quarts this year!
  • Golden Yellow Cherry Cake with Butter Cream Frosting.....
  • My Dad's 6-month check-up went extremely well - - he passed with flying colors!
  • Survived a vicious thunderstorm yesterday, with the only casualty being our phone line - - lightning apparently hit it, and we are waiting on repairs.
Count your blessings - - join Grace In Small Things.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Story of Lil Dude: Part Five (Friday-Sunday)

One of my co-workers, A, who works in the office next door to mine, has always wanted a black kitten, ever since she had read a book as a child about a little black kitten named Gink. So, I decided she was one person to start with in our efforts to find Lil Dude a new home. She agreed to come out over the weekend and meet the little guy and see what she (and him) thought of each other.

Over the next couple of days we noticed that Dude's balance problems had cleared up, validating our feelings that the ear mites problem was to blame. Also, he was really starting to come into his own special little personality - - play, play, play, as hard as he could, but the minute one of us would walk up to him, he would stop, roll over onto his back, and meow for his "belly rub". He also seemed to love it when I would sing "Belly Rub, Belly Rub" to him very would just make him purr even harder! Weird cat.....

He also decided at night that he would sleep with Mom (which he had decided was ME). He would walk between us on the bed, and curl up next to me, with my arm around him, and purr himself (and me) to sleep.

This little guy was pulling out all the stops to try to win us over to keep him. But that was NOT going to happen. Absolutely NOT. For sure. Definitely. NOT.

Really. Seriously.

Sunday came and A came by to meet The Dude (aka Gink) and see what they thought of each other. Dude was a bit hesitant at first, but soom started in playing and being his usual adorable self. A fell totally in love (how could she help herself?) and said yes, she did want him. However, there was a catch - - but isn't there always? *sigh* She still lived with her parents since she had moved back to town and was in the process of looking for a place of her own. Until she found one, she couldn't take Dude to her parent's house. I told her he was fine right where he was at, and when she found a place, he was hers.

And we left it at that.

Now all A needed to do was find a place to call home for herself and Lil Dude/Gink. How hard could that be?

To be continued.....

Monday, June 07, 2010

Grace In Small Things: 23/2010

What am I grateful for this week?

  • Had a wonderful three-day weekend; 2 days all to myself, Memorial Day with Dear Mr. Dizzy.
  • A wonderful Anniversary dinner - - yes, it was a week late, but that's fine. It was still fun!
  • Sixteen quarts of tart pie cherries off my little cherry tree, and many more to be picked.
  • Strawberries starting to bear in my new raised bed.
  • Getting the grill all cleaned and ready for grilling season. Steaks, chops, burgers...can't wait!

Count your blessings - - join Grace In Small Things.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

The Story of Lil Dude - Part Four (Tuesday-Thursday)

Tuesday morning I called the vet and made an appointment to bring in the kitten to get checked over, and they told me to bring it in Thursday morning. That gave us a couple more days to get it used to us and a little calmer.

Every day it seemed the little thing picked up more and more habits from our other two cats, with some comical results! For one thing, this little kitty's legs were so short, he had to take 2 or 3 steps for one of theirs, and it was laughable seeing it try to keep up with them! Also, every toy that we had was dragged out and played with, and with a very fierce intensity. It provided us with quite a few chuckles.

We did notice that it walked a little funny sometimes, like it had a bit of trouble keeping its balance, but didn't know if that was from it being so young and still growing into its legs, or something else. I added that to my list of things to ask the Vet.

Thursday morning, it was NOT easy getting the little thing into the carrier. It totally panicked on me! But I finally succeeded and we headed to the Vet's office. All the way there, the kitten was traumatized, and not reacting well. Mr. Dizzy and I both feel it was bringing back bad memories for it; probably the last time it had been in a carrier, it was dumped and left for dead! That was NOT a fun drive to the Vet, but we finally got there and I hauled the carrier inside, hoping being out of the car would calm the kitten down.

It didn't.

The whole time we were sitting in the waiting room, it was frantic. I was honestly afraid it was going to hurt itself trying to get out of the carrier. They finally got me into a room, and the first thing we did was open the carrier and let it out. I immediately picked the kitten up and cradled him up next to my chest, with his head right under my chin. It was shaking with fright, but I kept talking softly and petting it, and eventually the kitten calmed down.

By the time the Vet came in the room, things were going much better. But, when I tried to pry the kitten loose so the Vet could check it over, kitty decided to hang on for dear life, and it took both of us to pry him off me! But, we finally succeeded, and the Vet started his checkup.

First thing I found out is that the kitten was a Dude, not a Dudette. So, finally we knew for sure! The Vet took the kitten into another room to check him completely over - - ear mites, fleas, ringworm, worms, everything. I waited in the examining room while they did their work. Periodically the Vet or one of his assistants would come in and give me a report - - yes, he had fleas and worms, but no ringworm, and the balance problem was probably caused by the fact that both of his ears were totally filled with ear mites! They gave him a worm treatment, and treated him for fleas and the ear mites, and decided to leave it at that for that day.

At least I knew he was a "He", and was healthy, and we would see if the ear mites were the cause of his balance issues. Anything else would have to wait for another day; I was not going to traumatize him any further for the moment.

He didn't fight the carrier as much when we were ready to leave, and was a bit calmer on the way home. When we got back to the house, I let him out, and he seemed so happy to be back, his whole body started quivering! I petted him a bit longer and talked with him, and then he started playing with the toys. When I left to go to work, he was back to being his happy little self.

Now that we knew he was healthy, it was time to find the Lil Dude a home.....Heaven knows we don't need a third cat!

To be continued.....

Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Story of Lil Dude - Part Three (Sunday/Monday)

The next morning, it was back to business as usual - - the kitten would come out long enough to eat, follow our two cats around, and play with toys when we were not in the same room, but if it caught sight of either of us, it was time to hide under something safe. I was just dying to get my hands on the little furball, just to let it know it was safe and we meant no harm, but it was not to be. Both Mr. Dizzy and I were avoided like we carried the plague.

Mr. Dizzy took the pet gate back to Menard's and got his money back, since it obviously was not doing the situation any good. We figured the more the little baby wandered around and got comfortable in our house, the sooner we could get close to it (hopefully). But the whole day Sunday and the whole evening was exactly the same, and we finally gave up and called it a day.

Monday I was sick. Sinuses, headache, feeling lousy. So, I stayed home. The kitten came closer to me as I was laying on the couch, almost within arm's reach, but the minute I would try, it would scamper off. I was dozing a lot and each time I would wake up, it would be close to me, but again, each time I reached out my hand, it would back off.

About mid-afternoon I headed back to the bedroom to take a nap in a more comfy spot, and saw the little baby on my bed. Before it could run out of the room, I shut the door so we were both in there. It took off and hid under the clothes hamper. I laid on the floor and just talked softly to it, and eventually was able to reach my hand under the hamper and stroke its head. It stiffened up for a moment, but then started relaxing, and the next thing I knew the little baby was purring. Loudly! I kept laying there stroking its head and back, and talking softly, and finally it started pushing into my hand. I took that as a good sign, and was finally able to get a good hold and get it out from under the hamper. I held the kitten in my arms, talking softly, and it kept purring. I put the kitten on the bed and laid down next to it, and we both fell asleep!

That was the definite turning point. From then on, it stopped being so scared of us, although still a bit skittish.

When Mr. Dizzy got home from work I told him about what happened, and he headed into the bedroom to see the little thing. Next thing I knew, they were on the bed together, Mr. Dizzy petting him, the little kitten purring loudly. We FINALLY won it over!

Now to get the little darling to the vet to get checked and find out if it was a Lil Dude or Dudette.....

To be continued.....