Thursday, July 05, 2012

Getting Ready

We have been busy all day yesterday and today getting ready for the rummage sale - - yesterday moving everything up from the basement to the barn, setting up tables, and a bit of sorting. Today I have been emptying boxes and tubs and getting everything out onto tables.

We have a LOT of STUFF. Been working on it all afternoon and not done yet.

And, to make it worse, we are under an excessive heat warning until 7 PM Saturday. The only saving grace is that I am in the barn and not in direct sunlight, with 2 big doors open, a nice breeze coming through, and a fan on.

But it's still FREAKIN' HOT.

Fortunately, I have to make runs into the house occasionally to make signs, grab stickers or tape, or grab another bottle of water, so the A/C helps a bit.

If it is this unbearably hot the 2 days of the sale, we may wind up shutting down before the 3 PM closing time. Just have to wait and see.

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