Thursday, January 29, 2009



The Senate voted UNANIMOUSLY to remove Governor Blagojevich from office. They also voted that he may NEVER AGAIN hold public office in the State of Illinois.


It is a GOOD DAY in Illinois!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Thanks a Lot, Rod

First, the arrest on corruption and bribery charges.

Next, an almost totally unanimous impeachment vote in the Illinois House, followed by a SECOND almost totally unanimous impeachment vote once new members were seated this month.

Now today, the day the Senate begins the impeachment trial to try and get this total f'ing jerk out off office - - our esteemed Governor hits New York City and the airwaves . . . Good Morning America, Today Show, The View (wehre Barbara Walters literally chewed him up and spit him out), Geraldo, and tonight Larry King's show . . .

So now the WHOLE DAMN COUNTRY gets to see what an idiot our Governor is. And the people of Illinois get to be embarrassed all over again.

What a jerk.

My hope is that the Senate does their job and gets him OUT of office before he does any more damage.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Rude Awakening

This morning our doorbell rang at 3:30 AM. Yes, you heard me right - - 3:30. In the freakin' AM!

I got up and looked outside - - no car in the drive or on the road. I looked out the side window next to the front door, and saw a guy standing there, with a light blanket over his head and shoulders, shivering. We turned out the lights and opened the door; the guy had a black eye, and a cut on his head. He said he had a wreck, and was freezing (it was only 11 degress outside!), and could we please help him? His lips and fingers had a blue tinge to them.

We got him inside and on the couch. I got some blankets while Mr. Dizzy called 911. The poor guy could not stop shivering. He said he had lost control of the car and went through the T-Road into the field, and rolled the car. He had been out in the cold for about 30 minutes, trying to find his way back to the road, and finally made it up the road to our house.

The deputies arrived quickly. One went to the crash site, and the other came inside to take the report. Fire and ambulance arrived next, and they checked him out. He refused the offer to go the hospital, so after checking on his vitals, they left.

We then were able to get him in contact with is wife, who headed out to get him. By the time she got there, and the deputy completed his accident report, it was 5:30 by the time they all left.

The car was about 250 feet into the field, and was on its top:


They finally were able to get the car righted, and got it moved through the field to a spot right in front of our house - - it's pretty crunched up:


The tow truck got there and finally took it away around 8 AM.

By the time it was all said and done, it was almost daybreak, so we just stayed up - - I had to get up in 30 minutes anyway, and get ready to meet my workout partner. But now, it's starting to really catch up with me! So even though it's only mid-afternoon, I think it's time to go and be one with the recliner . . .

I bet that guy is really hurting by now!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Update on Travis Erwin's House Fire

I posted about Travis's house fire here. Travis and his family are in the process of trying to recover what items they can from the total loss of their home. (You can read about it here on his blog)

Some of Travis's fellow bloggers have started a blog called "Habitat for Travis":


This site is a fundraiser for Travis and his family, to try and help them rebuild their home and their life. If you have a moment, check out the site. I'm not asking you to donate, but seeing how many people who have in just a few short days is extremely heartwarming.

As I said in my previous post, I do not know Travis personally - - just through reading his blog, and the few comments/Twitter posts we have given each other. But, from the posts I have read, and the comments I have seen on his blog, he is a good, decent man, and he needs a bit of help at the moment. I wish I could do more than just blog about his situation, but unfortunately at the moment I cannot.

I have posted the above badge in my sidebar, so if you don't have a few minutes to check it out right now, please come back and click on it later. And, please keep Travis and his family in your thoughts and prayers. I appreciate it, and I'm sure they do as well.


I absolutely LOVE the headline in this Yahoo News post:

"Ill. House impeaches governor, who vows to fight"

Yeah yeah, Rod - - fight all you want. I just want your grubby hands OFF my Pension, and your ass OUT THE DOOR.

Maybe when Gov. SonOfABitch (hey,it's easier to spell than Blagojevich!) is booted out of office, my State pension will be in better shape . . . we'll see . . .

Monday, January 05, 2009

Holiday Disaster

I read a blog by Travis Erwin, titled "One Word, One Rung, One Day". Travis is a writer, and a very good one, in my opinion. He also seems like a really nice guy.

Travis and his family had a disastrous end to their Holiday - - their house burned down to the ground over the weekend. He and his wife and sons are okay, thank goodness; no one was hurt. But, they are now homeless and have lost everything.

I'm keeping Travis and his family in my thoughts and prayers, and I encourage you to do the same.


Sunday, January 04, 2009

All Good Things . . .

As with all good things, my (nearly) two-week Winter Break is coming to an end. I'm busily gathering things brought home from the office on Dec. 23rd to take back to work with me tomorrow.

It's going to be busy - - the boss and I will be hitting the ground running. The College will be starting the process of changing over to a different software program for online classes, and since I work in ONLINE LEARNING, well - - this means will be working my A$$ off for most of the coming year.

Here's hoping it all goes well - - I'll keep y'all posted.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

"What Would Emma Do?"


Eileen Cook's new book should be released soon - - if it hasn't already (yeah, I'm STILL behind!) - - the press release for the book, as well as a link to purchase it, follows below:

What Would Emma Do?
Simon Pulse/ December 30, 2008

Thou shalt not kiss thy best friend’s boyfriend…again….

There is no greater sin than kissing you best friend’s boyfriend. So when Emma breaks that golden rule, she knows she’s messed up big-time. Especially since she lives in the smallest town ever, where everyone knows everything about everyone else….and especially because she maybe kinda wants to do it again. Now her best friend isn’t speaking to her, her best guy friend is making things totally weird, and Emma is running full speed toward certain social disaster. This is so not the way senior year was supposed to go.

Time to pray for a minor miracle. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s time for Emma to stop trying to please everyone around her, and figure out what she wants for herself.

What others are saying:

“Sassy and sly and sweet all at the same time, this book made me laugh out loud.” – Meg Cabot author of the Princess Diaries

“Not since Judy Blume’s Margaret introduced herself to God has there been such a funny, geuine, conflicted, wanna-be-sort-good-maybe-later girl as Emma. Eileen Cook’s tone as she takes on the big ones – life, love, faith and friendship is pitch perfect.” – Jacqueline Mitchard author of Deep End of the Ocean and Midnight Twins

“Smart and fun and full of heart.” – Sarah Mlynowski author of Bras and Broomsticks

About the Author:

Eileen Cook spent most of her teen years wishing she were someone else or somewhere else, which is great training for a writer. When she was unable to find any job postings for world famous author, she went to Michigan State University and became a counselor so she could at least afford her book buying habit. But real people have real problems, so she returned to writing because she liked having the ability to control the ending. Which is much harder with humans.

You can read more about Eileen, her books, and the things that strike her as funny at Eileen lives in Vancouver with her husband and two dogs and no longer wishes to be anyone or anywhere else.

Buy the Book HERE or at your favorite book seller.

Eileen a wonderful author - - you won't be disappointed, I promise!