Monday, July 23, 2012

Yawny Monday

I did not sleep well last night. Not at all.

Damn cats.  :-)

Actually, it's not all their fault. We went to Springfield yesterday evening to a friend's house for a cookout. Said friend has 2 good-sized dogs. Who are very playful, and LOVE people.

Love people A LOT.

So there was much playing with toys and licking of toes and jumping up on us with dirty paws and all that stuff. And then when we got home, the cats went crazy. They could smell the dogs on us, and knew that we had been petting other animals.

They KNEW we had been unfaithful! And they were determined to make us pay.

And pay we did.

Although we both had cleaned up before bed, they STILL could smell the dogs on us, and they KNEW.

So last night? They were CRAZYPANTS on the bed! It was like the bed was their trampoline, and they were jumping on in like crazy - - walking on us, nudging us, crawling under the covers with us, and just literally keeping me awake all damn night.


Silly cats.

Gonna be a early night tonight.

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