Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's Almost Celebration Time!

This weekend is the annual Decatur Celebration. This will be the 23rd year for the festival, and the 22nd year Dear Hubby and I have worked it.

We work backstage at the big main stage, and it has been all sorts of interesting every year. We never know what to expect from the bands, the roadies, the fans . . . it's always unique, and always pretty crazy. It's hot, it's humid, it's a lot of hard work . . . and we love it.

It is such a blast to meet people you admired for their music many, many years ago, and to see what they are really like. I have had some major disappointments, but have also had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know some good ones.

This year the Celebration has The Smithereens, Plain White T's, Edgar Winter Group, Pauli Carman and Champaign, Caedmon's Call, Jr. Walker's All Stars, Otis Day and the Knights, and many, many more.

Since we spend practically all of our time down there, from Friday evening through Sunday night, there won't be any posts until after the show is over. Dear Hubby and I are taking Monday off work to recuperate, so hopefully I will be able to drag my poor old worn out, sunburned body to the computer and give you an update.

"Celebrate good times, Come On!"

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Updates On My Other Blog

Just in case your interested. But seriously, it's not much more than a bitch and moan entry . . . so you have been forewarned . . .
Escape From the Money Pit

Monday, July 28, 2008

24 Years Ago . . . (pt. 6)

The phone calls continued on a daily basis, as well as walks along the lake, drives around town, just talking about everything and nothing. Everything was going very well, until one evening he asked me to go walk with him, and he just wasn't acting like himself. When I asked was was wrong, he told me that he had lost his job that day, and was very upset; not just about losing his job, but he was sure that I would not want to be seeing someone who was unemployed, and the money just wasn't going to be there to take me out or do anything. He said he would understand if I didn't want him coming around any more.

Well - - he was wrong.

The job he lost? He was a car salesman. The reason they let him go? They told him - - and this is a quote - - he was "too honest" to make a good car salesman.

YES, they DID give that as their reason.

When he told me this, all I could do was laugh! I then told him that it just clinched for me what I saw in him - - that he was a decent, honest man, and that was the kind of person I liked having in my life. I told him he was stuck with me, so he better just get used to the idea.

Yes, he was kind of shocked. And honestly? So was I.

So the walks along the lake and the drives around town and the long talks continued. We grew very close as friends, and as our friendship grew, so did our feelings for each other. I knew I was in trouble when talking to my roommate one day, and mentioned that if I ever DID get married again, it would be to somebody like him. She said, "Why not him?" And, I didn't have an answer to that; but I couldn't help but think, "Yeah, why not him?"

It was hard for me to let him know how I felt about him. I had been hurt so many times in the past, and was so afraid of it happening again. But, eventually I decided it needed to be said, and I did.

He didn't run away. He stayed there, steady as ever. And, he has not wavered a bit, for 24 years now.

He told me he fell in love with me the minute he saw me walk in The Arch that night, and his feelings only grew stronger every time he saw me. He says his feeling grow ever day, even now, all these years later.

As for me, well - - he made me see that even though I went through a lot of pain and heartbreak with others, it was for a good reason - - it was because he was out there, waiting for me. And we finally found each other.

It's been 24 years now, and I'm looking forward to the next 24. It's just going to keep getting better and better!

It's been fun reliving this story as I have been retelling it. I hope you have enjoyed it!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

On His Way Home!

Last night Dad and I talked. He said he was feeling quite a bit better,and thought he would go home. I asked him to wait on that decision until I called the Doctor's office in the morning and get their opinion, and he agreed.

This morning I called and talked to the Nurse, describing how Dad was doing and how his arm was looking. She agreed that since he was improving, she didn't see any reason why he couldn't try going home.

SO - - I called the house and told Dad that I was "kicking him to the curb" - - and I don't think he minded hearing that news at all! :-)

Tomorrow after work, Steve and Dad will head down the road to his house, and I will follow shortly thereafter.

He's pretty happy - - he's looking forward to sitting in his own recliner, and sleeping in his own bed, and I don't blame him one bit.

Thank you for all your kind thoughts and prayers for Dad. I'm sure they played a big part in his recovery!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

24 Years Ago . . . (pt. 5)

Sunday came, and was busy as usual, and the date from the night before just kind of faded into a pleasant memory. I kept myself busy and decided NOT think about it any more. And I was succeeding beautifully. Until . . .

The following day - - when I got home from work and found a delivery from a local florist . . . a white milk glass vase with 2 red roses, and a card saying what a nice time he had on our date.

Ohhhhhhh my . . .

As I was standing there, shell-shocked, the phone rang. It was "the man", asking about my day. I kind of stammered into the phone, then apologized and told him I had just gotten home and gotten the delivery from the florist, and thanked him. He said he just wanted me to know that he really did enjoy getting to know me, and would I mind getting together again? I said that would be fine (well, what else COULD I say while holding flowers from him in my hand?) - - we chatted a few more minutes, then hung up.

I just sat there, thinking about the nice time we had, and the conversations we were having, and thought, "Maybe I need to give this one a second look."

And so I did . . .

And yes, there is MORE! :-)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Turn-Around - - Finally

Dad's arm is amazingly better today!

When he got up this morning, he decided to take an Extra-Strength Tylenol instead of teh Darvocet. He's only allowed up to 4 Darvocet a day, so he wanted to make sure he would be able to take one at bedtime tonight. (Smart man, my Daddy is!)

When I came home at 11:30 to make him some lunch, he said his arm was still tender, but he didn't have much pain; in fact, he had not had to take any more Tylenol, or a Darvocet, or anything! Also, the swelling has gone down significantly, and he dark red color has faded a little.

When I got home at 5:00 this evening, he has still not taken any pain meds! But he said it was starting to get a bit more sore, so he took a Darvocet with supper. He can then take another one at bedtime if its needed.

I think he has finally turned a corner - - and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he just continues to improve.

One - slow - step - at - a - time . . . . . poor dear . . . . .

Monday, July 21, 2008

Here We Go Again . . . *sigh*

We made another trip to the Emergency Room with Dad this morning.

Well, actually, I should say Dear Hubby made the trip with Dad. Dad woke up with almost unbearable pain in his right arm, and the numbness was back in his hand to the point where he couldn't grip anything, not even to take his morning pills. I got up, took a quick shower, and called Hubby at work while I was getting dressed. He said his work was all caught up and then some, and that he was going to come home and he would take Dad to the ER. And he did.

Bless that man. I thank God every day for having him in my life!

Once they left, I finished getting dressed and headed into the office. This is Finals week for the Summer semester, and I had some things that needed done right away for some instructors. And, since my boss is gone until Wednesday, and we are also short-staffed due to one of my Help Desk workers being off sick, I was the only one at the time who could get it done. By being able to get in early, I was able to get everything done that was needed.

Dad was given some Darvocet for pain, and was scheduled to go back to Springfield this afternoon to meet with the doctor (again!) - - by that time, my "stuff" at work was caught up, so I called and told Hubby I could take Dad to Springfield.

He was having none of it. Excuse me??? He's MY Dad, you know . . .

He didn't care. He told me HE was going to take care of things today, and that was that.


Is it any wonder why I love that man?

Anyway, the Doctor told Dad that this is going to take some time to clear up, and to stay with the Darvocet. So Dad is with us for an undetrmined amount of time. Which is fine with us, but it's bugging the hell out of him . . . he wants to go back home! All in good time, Dad - - all in good time.

Keep ya posted.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

24 Years Ago . . . (pt. 4)

The phone calls from the "new man in my life" continued every evening. The conversations were light, and fun, and I found myself enjoying them, in spite of my determination not to start seeing anyone on a frequent basis. And it was funny - - the closer it got to Saturday, the more nervous I was becoming. I attributed it to the fact that I was going through a self-imposed moratorium on dating, and had not dated in almost a year. That, and Sheri's constant comments on how happy she was that I was dating this guy, and her giggles every time I protested that fact!

Saturday finally came, and found me taking extra care to look my best, all the while telling myself, "It's just one date. ONE DATE! That's all!"

*sigh* Why was I so darned nervous?!?

Finally, the doorbell rang, and there he was. We took off for a club in a nearby city to see a band. I remember that it was a very nice, relaxed evening, and as we had similar taste in music, really enjoyed the band. A Beatles tribute band, as I recall . . .

Later, when he brought me home, he leaned down, gave me a very short, sweet kiss, said goodnight, and was out the door. After he left, I just stood there . . . if this was just one date, and I didn't care one way or the other if I saw him again, why were my toes curling? (Definitely not something to mention to Sheri!)

As I was getting ready for bed, I found myself thinking about the evening, and realized I was smiling. I told myself to STOP THAT. It WAS just one date. I may never see or hear from him again. So STOP IT.

But I fell asleep smiling, all the same.

Yes, there is more . . .

Friday, July 18, 2008

Another Setback

Yesterday morning Dad woke with a lot of pain in the arm they used for the heart stent procedure. Also, his hand was numb. That was 2 of the symptoms they had told us to be on the lookout for, because they signaled that there was a problem.

So I called the Heart Institute in Springfield. They recommended I take him to the Emergency Room right away, which I did. The ER Doctor called Dad's Doctor from there, and a 12 Noon appointment was set for Dad at the Springfield office.

We got Dad over there to get checked out. The Doctor thought it might just be some pressure on the nerve by the incision site, but sent Dad to the Diagnostic Center for an ultrasound, just to be safe.

The ultrasound showed that the artery was showing some leaking around the incision site, and normal blood flow was not making all the way down the arm, causing some numbness in his hand. But, he does still have a good strong pulse in that arm. Also, some of the blood is pooling around the surgery area, which is causing the pressure and pain he is experiencing.

He now has that arm in a sling to ease some of the pressure, and we will be heading back to Springfield for his recheck on Monday . ..


Why is it - - whenever it is supposed to be one of the EASIER procedures . . . it isn't?

Keep my Dear Ol' Daddy in your thoughts and prayers - - appreciate it.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What the Hell Were They Thinking?!?!?!

I went to Springfield to pick up Dad from the hospital yesterday. I got there around 1:15 PM, and was told by staff at the Nurse's Station that he was not ready to be discharged yet - - that there was a "situation" - - and they were not sure when he would be discharged.

A "situation" . . . like what? I had called earlier that morning to check on exactly where I needed to go to get him, and no one had mentioned anything about any "situation" . . .

I could not believe what they told me.

A little background on heart stent patients - - usually, they go in through an artery in the groin area. However, if that artery is not available, such as in Dad's case (because of the past surgery in March that blocked off that artery and a bypass put in), they go in through an artery in the arm. Heart stent patients using the groin artery are ordered to be total bedrest, and laying totally flat on their backs. Patients who had the arm artery used, however, do not have that restriction.

Remember this as we go along. This is important.

Apparently during the night Monday, Dad had to go to the bathroom. The nurse just assumed he was on total bedrest. She ASSUMED this. And because she ASSUMED this, and DIDN'T CHECK THE ORDERS OR CHECK WITH THE DOCTOR LIKE SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO . . . instead of getting him up to go to the bathroom . . .

She had a catheter inserted.

Yes, that's right - - she apparently took in upon herself to have a catheter inserted, COMPLETELY AGAINST DOCTOR'S ORDERS.

Now, anyone who has been following the "Dad Saga" knows of the problems we had last March, when Dad had the catheter problem, and had to wear one for weeks. We just got that problem cleared up, and things are working well - - smooth sailing, so to speak. Even the Urologist has released him and said he doesn't need to check him for another 6 months.

And then this nurse decides to screw that up.

Apparently, when she put in the catheter, Dad said it "hurt like hell", and he was so uncomfortable, between that and staff coming every couple of hours to check his vital signs, he got almost no sleep all night.


When his Doctor came in to check on him the next morning and discovered what had happened, he was LIVID! And rightfully so. He investigated and found out who did it, and told the RN he was going downstairs to the Cath Lab to "take care of business."

I hope the bitch got fired.


I get to the Nurse's Station and they tell me all of this. AAAAAND they got to see the Sicilian temper side of Dizzy Ms. Lizzy. It was not a pretty sight, not at all. I was ranting. I was yelling. I was very, very angry. They ALL knew it.

His urine had a lot of blood in it, and they were having to keep him there until it started clearing up. They did not know how long it would take.

I told them I was not leaving that hospital until 1) he was going with me, and 2) I talked to the Doctor. And, I did not care how late I was there until I did!

They asked me if they released him and he was still having the problem, would I be able to take him to his Urologist the next day? I said NO! If they broke him, THEY were going to fix him! And we were NOT leaving until they did!

The RN talked with the Unit's RN Manager, who came in to talk to me. She was apologizing all over herself. She assured me that Dad would be taken care of. She assured me the Doctor was taking care of whoever caused the problem.

I repeated the same thing to her that I had told the Nurses - - YOU broke him, YOU are going to fix him. Period.

About 4:15, the Doctor came in to see us. He and I had a very good talk. Believe me, he was as upset as I was! This man is very particular about his patients and how they are treated, and what happened to Dad was totally unacceptable. (Well, YEAH) I told the Doctor that I am an only child, that his patient was the only Daddy I have, and I am very, VERY protective of him. I did not appreciate someone not only doing an unnecessary procedure on him, but they caused him physical pain, and after all the problems Dad has had in that area, they better hope they didn't cause any permanent damage! (or else)

I have no doubt that someone is in very bad trouble in the Cath Lab there.

Finally, around 5:30 or so, they said Dad was doing well enough to be discharged. They got all his paperwork ready, and eventually I was able to break him out of there . . . finally!

Dad is doing much better now. His problem finally cleared up last night and has not returned. But he's very tired, his arm is still pretty sore, and can't seem to get enough sleep today. But I'm sure tomorrow will be even better, and hopefully he can go back home on Friday.

Please keep my Dear Ol' Daddy in your thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back Home

Dad is back home with us for a few days now.

I went to Springfield to pick him up from the hospital today, and there was a "situation" . . . I will have to explain more later. Right now I'm exhausted. But it is a very INTERESTING "situation" and I even got to lose my temper a bit and throw a little hissy fit. It was grand and glorious.

Hopefully once THIS stuff settles down, I can get back to the "24 Years Ago" posts - - heck, it was just getting interesting, and then I go and leave you all in suspense . . . nothing like a cliff-hanger, huh? ;-) I'll post the rest soon, that's a promise.

Just gotta get Dad all situated first.

But for now, g'night *yawn*

Monday, July 14, 2008

Everything Went Well!

Dad's procedure went well - - the Doctor is very pleased!

I am now home, and will head back tomorrow afternoon to bring him back to my house for a few days . . . (this sounds familiar, doesn't it?)

Since Dad's surgery in March, they can no longer use the artery in the groin area to go through and place a stent; instead, they have to go in through the arm. That means that he will have to be very careful with that arm for the next 3 days, so instead of staying with me 1-2 days as originally planned, he will probably be with us until the weekend.

That's fine - - he's a very easy houseguest, and Squeaky Kitty is VERY happy to have Grandpa back! She's already been lovin' all over him!

We are all very happy to have this procedure done and over with!

We Interrupt This Blog for the Following Announcement . . .

I am in Springfield at the Heart Institute. They just took Dad back for his heart stent procedure.

I'll be sure to keep you all posted on how he does.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

24 Years Ago . . . (pt. 3)

That evening on the way home from work, Sheri continued her campaign to get me to go out with "the guy" on the business card. She was persistent, I must admit! Finally, I asked her to give the card back to me. It was a card for a local car dealership, and on the back were places to fill in contact information. I took the card, and on the back, wrote my name and address (figured he already knew where I lived, so what did it matter) and in the blank for the phone number, wrote "Still unlisted (nice try, though!)" - - and handed it back to Sheri. I then told her she could pass it on to her friend next time she saw him.

Little did I know . . .

That night, I was in bed early. All this mandatory overtime was really draining me! It was around 8:30 pm, and I was sitting up in bed reading, when the phone rang. When I answered, there was a very nice-sounding male voice on the other end who said, "So, you are still unlisted, huh?"

Oooooh my - - Sheri, you little brat.

I replied, "Well, yes, I WAS . . . be sure to call our mutual friend and make your goodbyes, because she is toast tomorrow when I see her!" He just laughed and said, "Don't blame her. She said she thought I was a nice guy, and that I should have a chance to talk with you again. I really hope I'm not bothering you."

*sigh* No, of course not. What else did I have to do, except catch up on my sleep? I decided that a brief conversation wouldn't hurt, and might appease Sheri.

That conversation ended TWO HOURS LATER, and somehow, with a date scheduled for the following Saturday night. I told him he could come by and pick me up, so that he would be assured that I would actually meet him this time!

And I figured since I wasn't seeing anyone at that point, a date would be a nice diversion. And, maybe it would quiet Sheri down a bit. And it was just ONE DATE, right? What could that hurt? It's not like I was going to keep seeing the guy, or get serious or anything, right?

Seems like fate had other ideas about that . . . . .

Oh, by the way - - I still have the business card:


That blur in the upper-righ-hand corner is where he wrote my UNLISTED PHONE NUMBER as Sheri gave it to him. Brat.

And yes, there's more . . .

Friday, July 11, 2008

24 Years Ago . . . (pt. 2)

The Monday morning following my weekend in St. Louis found me getting up early and driving across town to meet my carpool. About halfway there, I happened to glance over and notice something on my windshield, stuck under the passenger side windshield wiper. What the heck? I pulled over into a parking lot and grabbed it. It was a business card from a local car dealer. I again thought, what the heck? I just bought this new truck, and someone is trying to sell me something? Weird . . .

I put the card on the seat next to me and started driving again. Something was nagging at me about the card - - what was it? But I was tired and sleepy, and just wanted to get across town and meet my carpool so we could get to work.

But as I drove, that nagging feeling kept at me, and I kept glancing at the card. What was going on here? Suddenly it hit me - - Oh my gosh! That was the guy I met last week at the Arch, and I stood up Saturday night! What the . . . ?!?!?! How did he find where I lived? I didn't mention an address - - I just mentioned the "West End", which is pretty darned big! What is going on here?!?!?!

When I got with my carpool, I brought the card with me and told them all the tale. They got a pretty good laugh out of it. Later in the day, one of the carpool members, Sheri, asked me if I still had the card with me. When I said yes, she asked if she could see it again, so I gave it to her. She looked at it for a minute, and then said, "I thought this phone number looked familiar. I know this guy! He really is a nice guy; I think you should go out with him. Really." I told Sheri if she thought he was so nice, she should keep the card and go out with him. She just laughed and said, "No, I think he is nice for YOU!" I disagreed, and would not take the card back from her.

Little did I know what Sheri had in mind for that card, and for me . . .

Thursday, July 10, 2008

24 Years Ago . . . (pt. 1)

24 years ago - - July 10, 1984. That date fell on a Tuesday that year. It was my roommate's birthday, and she wanted to go out and celebrate. I volunteered as designated driver, for many reasons - - I had to go to work early the next day, so I didn't need to be drinking anything stronger that soda; also, my roommate had just gotten a new car, and neither of us felt like she needed to be taking any chances with it after celebrating her special day.

So out we went. First to our favorite hang-out, Lock, Stock & Barrel, a pub near the College campus. It was kind of a quiet night, but there was a nice crowd, and lots of friends to hang with.

But then my roomie got bored. She wanted to go to the Arch Lounge. *sigh* The LAST place I wanted to be that night was the Arch! I tried my best to talk her out of it, but it was no use - - it was HER birthday, and she wanted to go to the Arch, and she wanted to go NOW . . . pretty please?


Okay - - so we were off to the Arch.

As we walked into the place, I scoped it out as usual - - it was pretty quiet in there (it was a TUESDAY NIGHT, after all), there was a local band playing that I knew pretty well, and there didn't seem to be any obvious axe murderers loitering around, so I settled into an empty seat at the bar to listen to the band while my roomie found a group of her friends to sit with.

As I was sitting there, sipping a Diet Coke and listening to the band play, the man next to me struck up a conversation. He seemed nice enough, and I was bored just sitting there waiting for roomie, so we started chatting. During the course of the conversation, he started asking for my phone number, but I shut that down, saying that it was unlisted, and it was going to stay that way. He accepted that, but still kept his hand in, hoping I would relent and give him the number, but he was not successful.

Finally, my dear roomie came up and told me that she was going to stay with the other group, and that they had promised to get her home safely. She knew I had to go to work early, so she thought that might be the best thing for her to do. Which was fine, because I was tired, and just wanted to go home at that point.

The man I had been chatting with walked me out to my vehicle, and made one more attempt to get my phone number; he said he really wanted to talk to me some more, that he had really enjoyed getting to know me a little bit. Again, the answer was no.

He then swtiched tactics - - would I at least agree to meet him on Saturday, at a place of my choosing, and at least give him a chance to get to know me a little better? I said yes, but it was just mainly to get him to LEAVE ME ALONE so that I could go home - - I was tired, and morning was coming up fast. So I told him when, and where, and got in my truck and went home.

I had NO intentions of meeting him on Saturday, and I didn't. In fact, I took my son to St. Louis for a weekend of Zoo time and baseball game fun.

I thought that was the end of it, but apparently I had underestimated that man . . .

More to follow.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Medical Update

Update #1:Well, it's "Dad Time" again!

Dad is going to have his second heart stent procedure done this coming Monday. We need to have him in Springfield at 2 PM that day. They will do the procedure, and then keep him overnight. I will go back to Springfield on Tuesday to pick him up and bring him back to our house for a couple of days. So we will have a house guest again for a couple of days! Which is fine - - he's an easy guest to have around.

And Squeak will be so happy - - her "Grandpa" will be back!

Update #2: This time it's for me.

Back last November, I had a small mass show up on my right hand, just below the thumb. I checked with my Doctor, who said he thought it might be a ganglian cyst, which sometimes show up there, because they attach themselves to a tendon. We decided to wait until after the Holidays to pursue it, because you know how THAT time if year is . . . and since it was causing me no pain or discomfort, and was not impeding any hand motion, we decided to wait until after the New Year.

Well, when January hit, that is when all the stuff started with Dad. Every time I tried to schedule something for my hand, I had to cancel it because something else would come up for him. Finally - - FINALLY - - I was able to get back to my Doctor and have him check it again.

By this time, it had grown a little bit, but it still does not cause any pain or discomfort, nor does it impede any motion in any way. My Doctor referred me to a very good Doctor at The Hand Center. They took X-rays, and got me into a room to meet with Dr. S.

When I spoke with Dr. S, he agreed that it could be a ganglian, but the X-rays were pretty inconclusive, so he ordered an MRI for me. I got that done a couple of weeks ago, and yesterday went back to meet with him to discuss the findings. It seems it is NOT a cyst, but a soft tissue mass, similar to a fatty tumor, and he feels the best course of action is to excise it. As in cut into my hand and remove it.

SO - - I now have hand surgery scheduled. It will take place August 22nd. It's fairly minor, and an outpatient procedure. Dear Hubby has already scheduled that day off, and will be there with me the whole day. They will use the "Twilight" anesthesia, so a couple of hours after surgery they will send me home. Steve then plans to stay home in case I need anything (BLESS THAT DEAR MAN!)(I'm definitely keeping him!)

I thought I was handling it all very well, but . . . last night I couldn'd sleep; my blood pressure was pretty high. And today, I felt kinda light-headed and had trouble focusing all day. The boss finally sent me home at 3:00 this afternoon, and when I got home, I immediately laid down and took a short nap. Things are a bit better now, but I still don't feel 100%.

It's all nerves . . . and I realize that everything will be FINE. Really it will. But it's still nerve-wracking.

Why couldn't this be happening to my LEFT hand? I'm predominately right-handed, I make my living on a keyboard and mouse, and this damn thing is on my RIGHT HAND.


2008 has NOT been an easy year for the Jackson household . . .

Thursday, July 03, 2008


UPDATE: Total damages to the Jeep are right at $4700. Add to that two Doctor visits, 2-1/2 days missed work, 2 prescriptions, and 8 X-rays - - and that is just for ME! Then there is the person in front of me that I was pushed into . . . that guy's insurance company is NOT going to be happy!

Would you look at this?



(Yes, that's me standing by the Jeep)




Isn't she a beauty?

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Dad Update - Good News!

Dad and I went to his recheck appointment yesterday with his urologist. Doctor is VERY pleased with the way Dad is doing! The Flomax is doing its job, and there is no surgery being considered at this point in time. Dad doesn't have to come back for a recheck for six months. YAY DAD!

In other "Dad News" - - his second heart stent procedure is scheduled for Monday, July 14th. I will take him to Springfield for that, and it will require an overnight hospital stay; I will be back to pick him up the following afternoon (if he behaves, that is - - otherwise, I will tell him to walk!(Just kidding)

I'll keep you posted on how that goes, but we don't anticipate any problems.

AND another "Dad News" bit - - here is this 83-year-old man, who always says that as his age he doesn't even dare by green bananas . . . is going out today and buying a new car! He talked about it yesterday, and said he was just 'thinking' about it, but that he was in no rush, and didn't plan on doing anything for awile yet.

Well, apparently "a while yet" meant just overnight, because I got a call from him this morning that he had talked to his bank, made loan arrangements, and was getting ready to head to the car dealership this afternoon to try and finalize the deal.


What AM I going to do with that old man? WHAT?

Oh well - - I'm just glad he's happy and is able to do this. I'll post pictures of the car as soon as I can!