Saturday, July 14, 2012

Finally! Rain!

Well, I think we have finally figured out how to make it start raining - - plan a full day of outside chores.

The Mr. and I started up this morning with an outdoor project. We have landscape blocks that we wanted to put down between our two drives, around our outside pole light. This will not only look really nice, but it will give us a bit more turn-around space when backing out of the garage, and also protect the light pole from being hit. (Not that it's a major problem, but better safe than sorry)

So we have all the blocks out there. And the tools. And sand, and mortar mix, and the big tractor with the bucket blade.

A lot of the heavy work got done....the measuring, digging, leveling, etc. Just getting ready to place the blocks. And guess what happened?

Thunder. In the not-so-distant distance. Then the clouds started moving in. Then more thunder. Then the wind.

We hurried to get everything moved back into the garage (including my Jeep) and headed in just and the rain started. We figured with the way this severe drought had been going it would rain itself out soon and we would get back outside and finish up.

No deal there.

It rained pretty steady for a couple of hours. We have almost an inch of rain in our rain gauge. So needless to say, the project didn't get finished up today.

But do we care about that? Well, yes and no. Yes, because this was the only day we had to get it done. But NO, because we need the rain, dammit! This drought is killing us!

So we will get back outside and finish up in a few days - - Tuesday or Wednesday possibly. Weather permitting, of course. And if weather doesn't permit, and it decides to rain us out again?

That's fine. BRING IT ON!!

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