Saturday, July 07, 2012

The Sale Is OVER!

The sale is finally over, and it was a HUGE success! Between the three families, we made over $1000 total! It was HOT, it was HUMID, it was STICKY, but it was very, very profitable.

But it's OVER. And that is a very good thing.

It really was a lot of fun, despite the miserable weather. We met some very nice people, and we also met some very weird ones. I'm talking total whack-jobs here. But that provided some comic relief!  :) 

Once we got things shut down and we were back in the cool A/C, it was time to tally up and settle up. We are all pretty happy with what we each made. Every little bit helps, especially in this economy!

We still have to go out and clear up everything and set the barn back to rights, and make sure the borrowed tables get back to the people they belong to. But, that will be worked on tomorrow, when it's supposed to be a bit cooler. Instead of triple-digit temps, it is supposed to be in the mid-80's, which will be a very welcome change.

We also have a good place for all our leftover rummage sale "stuff" to go! A friend and former co-worker is having a rummage sale next weekend, and all proceeds benefit an orphanage in Kenya that one of our student clubs helps out. So I am arranging to get everything over to his house; hopefully it will help them out. I'm happy to be able to do something for them.

Now it's time for a nice cool shower and a good night's sleep! And I'm sure the cats are ready also - - they usually sleep the day away, but the past 2 days? It's been way too interesting outside, and they have spent most of their time watching the comings and goings of all the cars and people! So we are all ready for some sleep.


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