Monday, April 28, 2008


Posting is going to be WAY spotty for a little while - - my computer crashed and burned yesterday afternoon!

I was working on it yesterday morning. Everything was going just fine and dandy. I then took a break and made myself a bite of lunch. When I came back, I saw a black screen with two lines of white text:

"Internal Error -
Press any key to reboot . . . "

So I did. Press any key, that is.

The hard drive said, "click - click - click" . . .

I tried it again. Same result - - "click - click - click" . . .


BUT - - thanks to my Dell Employee Purchase Program through work, I'm getting a very good deal on a new computer system. A REAL good deal! I will hopefully have it soon and be up and running again soon.

But when I think of all the software loading I will need to do - - and try to recover a lot of my browser bookmarks, and trying to recover some of my files from my old computer (with the help of my College Tech Support buddies - - THANK GOD FOR THEM!) - - I just get tired. It's gonna be a LONG process, but worth it in the end.

So please be patient, and I'll be back on as soon as I can!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Why I Like Spring In Illinois

It's finally getting to look like Spring!

All the little wildflowers are popping up all over the yard:


My Lilac bushes have TONS of buds on them this year!


But best of all - -

My poor little cherry tree, which was nearly totally destroyed by the November 2006 Ice Storm, to the point where I told Dear Hubby Steve that this Spring it would need to be cut down (a la George Washington? hee.) . . .


LOOK at this little fighter!


The branches that are left are brimming with blossoms!

Heh. I may get a pie out of that tree yet!

Friday, April 25, 2008


Well, there was good AND bad news at the Doctor's office today.

The good news is, 2 of his incisions are completely healed and looking great!

The bad news is - - the problem incision is still not healing as well as the Doctor would like.

He has ordered another type of dressing to be put on the spot, and Home Health Care will still be coming out daily to change it.

Dad really had his hopes up about going home this weekend, but I just had a feeling it would not be quite this soon. We had a pretty big discussion about it last night, and he pretty much had his head set that he was going to go home, PERIOD.

Well, unfortunately not . . . at least not yet. But soon.

The Doctor wants to see him back on Wednesday, and then again 2 weeks from today. We are all hopeful that Dad will be released in 2 weeks and finally be able to get back home.

We are all keeping our fingers crossed!

We're Off To the Doctor

This has been a pretty rough week.

Last Friday at Dad's Doctor appointment, everything is looking really well!

Except . . . (yes, there is ALWAYS an "except", isn't there?) . . . one of Dad's incisions has a place on it that is not healing the way it should. This is pretty serious, not only because of the risk of infection, but the spot that is not healing is directly above the graft they placed in his groin area to shuttle blood flow to his right leg. If the incision separates and the graft is exposed, it will have to be removed. Yes, that means more surgery.

So - - instead of getting released and hopefully going home, as he was hoping for, he has been with us another week, with Home Health Care nurses coming daily to change a special hydrogel dressing to promote healing. Plus another week of antibiotics to prevent infection.

Today we go back to the Doctor for another check on the incision. Dad has already informed me that he wants to go home this weekend to stay. I'm all for it, because I know he wants it so badly, but - - I am very insistent that the incision be completely healed FIRST. So we may be butting heads a little bit over this one.

I DO understand how he feels! If I were somewhere other than my own home for a length of time, I would be damn anxious to get back to my own space! He's been away from his home for over six weeks now, only going back 1-2 times for a short while to pick up extra clothing or mail. He wants to go HOME. He wants to go NOW.

I understand. I GET IT.



I hope we can both get our wish today.

Friday, April 18, 2008

A VERY Rude Awakening!

This morning, shortly after 4:30 AM, I hear the closet door rattling, and Steve coming down the hall before leaving work. I sit up in bed and realize it's shaking also. Steve comes in the bedroom doorway, stops, looks at the closet door, and then flips on the overhead light (ouch!). He sees both cats laying on the foot of the bed, and me sitting up in bed, all three of us blinking in the sudden bright light.

He said, "I thought one of the cats was stuck in the closet and was pawing the door."

I said, "They are both right here."

He just looked at the closet, and then the cats and me.

I said, "It's called an earthquake."

He said, "........"

I said, "The bed is shaking, too."

He said, "It must be an earthquake!"


Thank you, Steve. I didn't realize that.

Yes, there was an earthquake in Illinois today! The epicenter was about 6 miles east of West Salem, which is located about 120 miles southeast of Decatur, and about 120 miles due east of St. Louis. The magnitude was 5.4, and they even felt skyscrapers sway in Chicago from the shock. It rattled our windows and the closet door and our beds (and a couple of cats also!), but no damage in our area. There was an aftershock around 10:30 this morning, but nothign major.

So Mother Nature provided me with a natural alarm clock this morning! Unfortunately, I have the day off and did NOT need one, especially that early!

Oh well . . .

Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Reunion (of sorts)

Were you popular in high school? Well, I wasn't. There were not a lot of people I hung around with at my school, and after Graduation I moved away and haven't spent a whole helluva lot of time in my home town. Oh sure, I go back to visit family and such, and I do make sure to go to every one of my class reunions, but that's about it.

I think that has changed.

There is a group of former classmates who have been meeting for dinner once a month for quite a while. I happened to see one of them at the Mall a couple of weeks ago, and she mentioned this and asked if I would like to join in. Well, I said yes, but was still pretty unsure; as I said, I was NOT popular in high school, didn't run with the crowd, and even thought it's been over THIRTY-FIVE YEARS, those things tend to stick with you. But I said yes anyway.

Tonight was the first dinner that I went to - - and I must say, I had a wonderful time! The conversation was lively, we were able to catch up on some things, and it really was fun. In fact, I'm looking forward to next month's dinner.

It's amazing how much can change over the years . . .

Saturday, April 12, 2008

What Is With This Weather?????

Today we had rain, mixed with snow, mixed with sleet; sometimes all sleet . . . It rained constantly, non-stop, all damn day! Correct me if I'm wrong - - but isn't it APRIL?????? *sheesh*

Mother Nature can bite me.


Anyways . . .

Took Dad on a "road trip" today to his house. We sorted out a month's worth of newspapers and a lot of mail - - amazing how fast that stuff piles up! I then took him to Church for Saturday evening Mass. A lot of people there were surprised to see him, especially considering he just had major surgery 2 weeks ago! He seemed pretty pleased to be there.

Once we got back here to D-town, we stopped for a quick bite to eat; well, not that quick, unfortunately - - is every Perkins Restaurant slow as molasses in January, or is it just OUR local one? I never knew an order of potato cakes could take so long - - did they have to send off to Idaho for the darned potatoes? Unbelievable.

Once we got back home, he was ready for the recliner. The trip wore him out, but I think it did him a world of good! You can only sit in a house doing absolutely nothing but watch TV for so long before you start going a bit stir-crazy!


I am now going to go fix myself a drink, relax a bit, and hopefully get a good night's sleep - - which is easier said than done when Dear Hubby is gone. But I'm sure the Chambord and soda will help quite a bit . . . :-)


Hope everyone is staying warm and dry - - from the sound of the forecast, next week will be more like the Spring weather we have all been waiting for! Yay!

Friday, April 11, 2008

A-Hunting We Will Go

Dear Hubby is off hunting the elusive wild turkey:
I told him not to come home without one! These things - - believe it or not - - are mighty tasty! The meat is not white or dark, but more like a combination of the two, and it stays real moist and juicy. Just pop it in a turkey roasting bag, and you're good to go . . .

Now I'm getting hungry! :-)

Good luck hunting, babe!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

So Far, So Good . . .

Catheter is out - - catheter is STAYING out (at least through the weekend) - -

He goes back for a recheck on Monday, and hopefully things are all working as they should be!

Also, his strength is really coming back and he is starting to get a bit 'feisty' . . . in fact, the physical therapist told him yesterday that she no longet needs to see him, and he told the health care aide today that he could take his own darned shower! :-) So she got kicked to the curb . . .

Things are looking pretty good on the ol' Daddy front!

So - - now that things are going so well with him, I have some other blog posts in the works on so other "FUN" subjects . . . so stay tuned!

But - - I do appreciate the opportunity to 'vent' and get rid of some of the pressure and stress of this situation, and I do thank all of you who have commented for your kinds words. I appreciate them more than you will ever know.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Keep Your Fingers Crossed . . .

Tomorrow Dad has an appointment with the Doctor to get the catheter out . . . let's hope it's for good this time! He is more than ready to let that thing be nothing more than a bad memory . . . !!!!!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Things Are Coming Along . . . Slowly

Dad's "Road Trip" Saturday went very well! It was a beautiful day - - sunny, warm (upper 60's!), and just a great day for a drive.

Our first stop was his house. I told him to SIT DOWN and RELAX and just enjoy being in his own house for a bit. Well, he did just that! I left him there, sorting a huge stack of mail, while I ran his errands - - pharmacy, bank, Walmart - - and then came back to the house to take him to get a haircut. Once he was all "beautified" (he really rolled his eyes at THAT one!) we headed back on the road back to my house.

All together we were probably gone about 3-1/2 hours. By the time we got back home, he was pretty tired out, but happy to have gotten out of the house, and to be able to spend some time in his own home.

Next weekend we are going to do it again (minus the haircut). I think getting out once in awhile may do him some good.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Brief Dad Update

I haven't been posting lately, because things have been a bit hectic around here. Dad's doing pretty well, though to hear HIM tell it, he's not doing worth a damn. When the Home Health Care Nurse came to the house Wednesday, he told her he should have been recovered in 6-8 days! She just smiled and shook her head and told him it would be more like 6-8 WEEKS.

I don't think he was too happy about that.

In fact, every day he just can't seem to understand why he is not getting stronger faster. And every day I tell him that after major surgery, it takes TIME and PATIENCE. And PATIENCE is not one of his strong points, which he freely admits. (Hmm, wonder if that's where I got it from . . . )

But he IS getting better, slowly. We are going on a short "road trip" to his house on Saturday, about 35 miles away. I was going to make the run to pick up his mail and some meds refills, and he decided he wanted to go. The weather is supposed to be sunny and in the low 60's, so getting out of the house and into the fresh air will probably do him good. He mentioned a few other places he wanted to stop at while we were there, and I just flatly told him "No", because I really don't think he realizes just how much this is going to wear him out. (Yeah, I'm mean - - well, he can just deal with it.)

Saturday will be a pretty exciting day for Dad. I think just being in his own house, even just for a few minutes, will raise his spirits. And mine!