Sunday, August 26, 2012

The New Game At Our House.....

When we make the bed - - it's called "Find the Kitty"......


Friday, August 24, 2012


Sweet, wonderful Friday!

This has been  one helluva week, and I am SO grateful that it is almost over. Everyone in my office is exhausted and stressed, and are feeling a bit worse for wear.

Next week - - hopefully - - things will slow down a bit.

*keeping fingers crossed*

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hell Week Two (Tuesday)

Hell Week Two is in full swing, and chaos reigns supreme. And that, basically, is all I have the energy to say.

My whole body is just plain, totally exhausted.

Hopefully able to post more tomorrow - - time for this one to head for bed and try to find the energy for tomorrow.


Monday, August 20, 2012

Living In the Country

I grew up in town. Sure, it was a small town, but my Mom grew up in New York City. We went there for family vacations. I feel at home in an urban setting - - either small town or large metropolis.

But Dear Mr. Dizzy and I live in a rural setting. Thankfully, we live only 5 minutes from "civilization" - - work, restaurants, the Mall, so it's bearable for me. I'm not a country lass; I'm a city girl. This close proximity to actual people and places and "things" keeps me sane and happy. (Well, being married to the fine Mr. Dizzy doesn't hurt, either.)

But, one of the things I actually DO like about living in a country setting? Little surprises of nature. And some not-so-little surprises of nature - - such as the time I counted a herd of 16 deer roaming in our back yard late one night.

But THIS little surprise greeted us this evening:
NOTE: This is NOT a picture of the actual owl that was there. I could not get outside and close enough to get a shot of it. Clip art copyrighted by Bobbie Peachey,

That bad boy was HUGE, standing proud on one of our fenceposts, surveying the cornfield, hunting for his dinner. And from the times we saw him suddenly fly down from the fencepost to the ground, he was pretty successful. I'm sure he has a full tummy tonight.

It was a nice, calming thing to watch after an extremely hectic day at the office, ducking the flying monkeys and side-stepping the clown cars......

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Counting Down.....

Classes start Monday. Hell Week Two starts Monday. It's shaping up to be an "interesting" semester already, and it hasn't even officially started yet!


It's gonna be fun.....

PS: On a totally unrelated topic, I just read online that Jamie Lee Curtis is NOT coming back to the NCIS show next season. This? Makes me as giddy as a schoolgirl! Just sayin' is all.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Could It Be.....???

Could it? Possibly? No - - well, maybe?

Is it actually possible that it is actually RAINING outside?

And I am not talking just a tiny sprinkle here and there, the way it has been for MONTHS (if any at all).....

We are talking BUCKETS here. And even though I have a weather headache, that's fine. It makes me HAPPY.

We need this rain so bad. I know this isn't a drought-buster, not by any means, but it is very, very welcome.

Now where did I put that aspirin bottle......

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Day Three, Hell Week One. The clown cars showed up right on's getting kinda bumpy, hang on!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I have survived (somehow) Day Two of Hell Week One.


The flying monkeys are circling overhead, and the clown cars are in the wings, revving their engines and waiting to make their appearance.

And with the way the past 2 days have gone in our office, that could be at any time.....

This week (and next) are gonna be one helluva ride.....

Monday, August 13, 2012

Well, It's Starting.....

It is becoming very obvious that the semester start is just one week's getting totally insane already! Things are flying in faster than I can keep track of them!

I may happen to miss a day or two of blogging if I have to work late, or get home and just drop on the couch exhausted. But I will try to keep up the best I can.

Wish me luck......

Sunday, August 12, 2012


All the walking at the Decatur Celebration last weekend, and all the walking up and down the hills and valley of the State Fair, and being on my feet all day yesterday working, has all caught up with me. My legs are killing me!

Time for the aspirin bottle - - 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

I Hate Working On Saturdays.....

But sometimes it happens. Today we had a workshop for new and returning part-time instructors. It was a pretty interesting, fast-paced day, but of course you always have "glitches" that happen. This time? It was nothing to do with the session, the presenters, or anyone or anything connected to the college - - it was with Panera's. Yup, the bagel place.

The office coordinating the workshop ordered breakfast and lunch from the local Panera's last week. Everything was paid for in advance; all that needed to be done today was to pick up the breakfast foods in the morning, and the lunchboxes before lunch. Easy-peasy, right?

Yeah, not so much.

My coworker got there a little after 8:00 AM. They didn't have the order rung up or waiting for her; they made her stand in line, and then wait while they got it rung up and got her a receipt. Before she left she checked to make sure the lunch order would be ready; oh, lunch? Better check on that - - um, yeah, maybe you had better do that. Once the lunch order was verified, she was finally able to take off and head out to the college so we could get all set up for the 9:00 AM start. 

I left to head across town to Panera's about 10 minutes after 11:00 AM to pick up the lunches and have them back in time to get lunch all set up and ready for the Noon break. Got there, told the cashier that I was there to pick up 30 lunches for {college}, and she said to me, "Oh, is it an order you have already placed?"

Um, no, sweet pea - - I just decided to randomly come in off the street and see how fast you all can scramble and make me 30 box lunches.

I would have LOVED to be able to say that out loud. But, I just bit my lip, and said "Yes" - - she got me a manager who verified the order. I thought I was in luck....he grabbed the big bags and helped me carry them out, and off I headed back to the college to set up.

Once I got everything carted inside and started setup, I noticed - - something is not quite right here - - I'm counting boxes - - and instead of 30 lunches? They gave me 20. But the receipt was for 30.


I headed back out, calling the manager as I'm in the car driving back. He goes back into the cooler to check - - yup, there is another bag! Ha ha, gee whiz, I totally overlooked that one. Ha ha, sorry, my fault. Can I come pick it up? Since we DO NOT deliver on weekends?

Well hey, asshat, I'm already on my way. Please be ready, because I will not stand in line.

He met me at the door of Panera's and brought the bag out to me. Along with a bag of pastries and cookies to "make up" for his mistake.Buddy, that doesn't even come close to making it up in my book.

When I left Panera's, I had four minutes before lunch was scheduled. FOUR. MINUTES.

I was late.

Fortunately, the speaker ran a few minutes over. I had just enough time to schlep everything in and set it up, and they hungry crowd was ready to eat.


This is the FOURTH time I have had bad luck at our local Panera's in the past year - - both food-wise and customer service-wise. I refuse to go there anymore because of it. The only reason I went this time? It was for work, and I was picking up for someone else.

If I never darken their door again, it will be WAYYYYY too soon. I wish we could get an Einstein's Bagel here in town and run Panera's out of business.

Update on pictures: With the hectic day working, I have not had the chance to try and figure out how to get the pictures of the State Fair off my phone. But tomorrow I am going get Mr. Dizzy to help me - - he's so good at that kind of thing!

Friday, August 10, 2012

State Fair Time

Mr. Dizzy and I decided to take the day off and head over to the State Fair for the day. The weather was beautiful - - around 78 degrees, partly cloudy, and a nice breeze. It was a nice, fun, relaxing day.

My feet hurt.  :)

I have a few pictures, and will hopefully get them posted tomorrow. If I can figure out how to get them off my phone card, that is.....I used to know how to do it, but that was with my old phone, and I haven't learned everything about this phone yet!

Hopefully tomorrow they will be availabke.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Decatur Celebration, Day 3 - Winding Down

Sunday was a BEAUTIFUL day! The temps were in the 80's, it was partly sunny, and there was a nice breeze. So why is it, of the 3 days, this was the ONLY day I got any sunburn? My whole neck was red! Fortunately, it looked worse than it felt, and with a bit of aloe to take out the sting, it was all good.....

We had a very busy day on the Show Stage on Sunday. Our first two shows were the Boat Drunks, a Jimmy Buffet Tribute Band:

They were supposed to put on two shows, but..... of course things can't just good smoothly and as planned, can they? It turned out that Billy Ocean's flight plans had been delayed (does that sound familiar?) and he and his band would be running a bit late. So a decision had to be made - - either have the second show of the Boat Drunks, or have Billy Ocean's band soundcheck, but there was no way with the scheduling restraints that both could happen. (With 10 stages, times have to be coordinated so that one band does not interfere with another stage's band)

So the decision was made to cancel the second show for the Boat Drunks, and the setup/soundcheck for Billy Ocean was underway.

(A side note about this? We had spent a LOT of time backstage, blowing up beach balls for the band to throw out during their second set. I now have them here in my office, looking for a home. Beach volleyball, anyone?)

Soundcheck got completed, and the sound of the music started bringin the crowds. They started piling in. And piling in more. And was actually getting a bit "scary" the closer it got to showtime. And unfortunately, Billy Ocean himself was delayed - - for his 8:00 show, he got here on the grounds approximately 8:05. They whisked him off to the dressing rooms, and in about 15 minutes, he was out, on stage, and performing his heart out. So his show may have gotten a 20 minute late start, but he performed an incredible show. And the crowd loved him. LOVED him.

Once the show was finished and he came offstage, he did something that made me realize what a good, sweet man he was, and has endeared him to me forever - - backstage was a Celebration Board Member, with a young boy in a wheelchair. As Mr. Ocean was walking back towards the dressing room area, surrounded by 3 or 4 security people, he stopped, said "Wait a minute" and knelt down by the wheelchair to have his picture taken. The look on that young boy's face - - oh my, I am ready to tear up here - - well, he just BEAMED.

Add that to the fact that in the following "Meet and Greet" that some fans were lucky enough to attend went on FOREVER (he loved meeting and talking with each and every fan) ..... he is a very kind, sweet man. I am so glad he came to our festival, and feel honored to not only have seen him perform, but got to see him in the close proximity of backstage.

We got home late, tired and sweaty, achy, and SO ready for sleep! Monday was going to be a L-O-N-G, sleepy day.

But it was well worth it. Looking forward to next year!

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Decatur Celebration, Day 2 - BRUTAL

Saturday the temps and humidity were brutal.


The kind where you feel like a giant weight is on you and you can't hardly breathe. 

If it weren't for the big fan we had backstage we would have not made it.

But, we made it, and got the job done!  :)

The Spin Doctors were the band Saturday evening:.


They not only put on a great show, but they were VERY nice guys! The bass player came up from the hospitality area between sets to visit with fans and spend some time with the stage crew people. And after the second set, the entire band spent nearly an hour signing autographs, getting pictures taken with fans, and just visiting and having fun with everyone.

So it may have been a brutally hot day and evening, but it was worth it to be able to work with such a good group of guys as they were.

Tomorrow? Day 3!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Decatur Celebration, Day 1 - Kickoff

The Mr. and I got downtown to the Stage around3:30 PM Friday afternoon. Downtown streets had been blocked off since about 5:00 AM and stage construction started. By the time we got there our stage was completely built, and most of the equipment for the Opening Ceremonies and the night's band was set up. The weather was nice - - hot, but slightly overcast and a nice breeze, so it was easier to tolerate the heat.

We got our first inkling of trouble when our stage manager was told that Mitch Ryder's flight had been delayed - - and delayed again - - and delayed AGAIN....... and finally that he was not going to be able to make it for the first show. Fortunately, Michael "Supe" Granda and his band was there, and in a pinch could do the show, with Mitch to be there to share the stage with him for the second set.

Ten minutes before showtime for the first set, we got the news - - his flight had been cancelled due to mechanical difficulties. So the main headliner for the first night was not going to be there AT ALL. 

*sigh*  GREAT......

But Supe, being the professional he is, stepped up to do BOTH full sets, so that the show would go on.

Now granted, it was not my type of music - - kinda folk, a bit country, just not for me - - but he was a very nice man, humorous, a bit ornery, and both he and his band were excellent musicians and performers. And, if it had not been for him, the main stage would NOT have had any entertainment on it that night, at all. So I give definite "kudos" to Supe Granda and his band for stepping up and giving a good show!

Tomorrow - - Day 2: Brutal heat, and other good stuff.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Survived the Weekend!

We survived the Decatur Celebration weekend! Mr. Dizzy and I spent 30+ hours downtown - - working stage, backstage hospitality, etc. It was hot, steamy and sticky. And it was FUN.

This morning we managed to get up early and make it to work (somehow). I am tired, a bit sunburned, and just a tad sunburned! Right now I am just running on adrenalin and caffeine, just trying to make it through the workday. It's a bit tough.

I took just a few pictures, and will share in the next post. Just way too tired and addle-brained to do more than focus on trying to wade through my work Inbox taking care of stuff that came in since Friday morning. 

More later.....

Friday, August 03, 2012

Celebration Weekend!

I am only at work today until 11:30, and then off for the weekend. Yay!

I will be off the blog for a couple of days, because.....

This is Decatur Celebration ( Weekend, and as usual, Mr. Dizzy and I are heading downtown to work on the Show Stage. This is the 27th year of the festival, and the 26th year we have worked it. The theme this year is "The Beat Goes On," and it's true!

Our Stage this year has a pretty good entertainment lineup..... Mitch Ryder (Devil With the Blue Dress On, CC Rider) with Michael "Supe" Granda (Ozark Mountain Daredevils) are on stage tonight; The Spin Doctors (Little Miss Can't Be Wrong) Saturday, The Boat Drunks (Jimmy Buffet Tribute Band) Sunday afternoon, and Billy Ocean (Caribbean Queen) Sunday night.

There are plenty of other bands on the rest of the stages in all types of genres - - Christian, Country, Jazz, Blues, Folk, Rock, R&B (Color Me Badd), Disco (yep, DISCO....The Trammps with "Disco Inferno" are on the Funfest Stage!) and more.

We will be spending basically ALL our time this weekend downtown working. It will be HOT, we will be SWEATY, and it will be a BLAST. Every year I am so tired and hot and sweaty and SWEAR that I will NEVER, EVER do this again. Then I can't wait for the next year's festival to do it all over again.

If you are in the Decatur, Illinois area this weekend, come on down to the festival. 18 blocks of downtown blocked off and set up with all kinds of things to do - - 10 stages, Wine Garden, Craft Beer area, 60 different food vendors, all kinds of arts and crafts, a large Carnival, roving entertainers, and much, much more.

Come join the fun - - "The Beat Goes On!"

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Wednesday, August 01, 2012


Well, yesterday the Flying Monkeys made their appearance. Today the Clown Cars are here and in full swing.

I am SO glad I'm leaving early on Friday.....even though it's only a half day, it makes it feel like it's a bit easier to make it through the rest of today and tomorrow.

What a week.....

Keeping my fingers crossed one of the clown cars doesn't run over me!  :)