Friday, June 08, 2012

NaBloPoMo June - Day 8

Last night was a great night....met with "The Ladies" for dinner. And it was yummy!

"The Ladies" is a group of my classmates. Some of us have known each other since Kindergarten. Considering that we have been out of school for a  *cough*  couple of years  *cough*  that means a lot of history there!

Last night we met at one classmate's cabin on the lake of the small town we grew up in. It's a cute little place that she and her husband fixed up and decorated, and it's a fun place to meet. The setting is calm and peaceful, right on the lakefront, with a beautiful view of the water from the windows or the deck.

For dinner, Indian Tacos were on the menu. I had never had them, and was looking forward to trying them. In a word, they were AMAZING. The taco "shell" is actually Navajo Fry Bread, which then get the taco toppings put on them - - refried beans, taco meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, etc.


So, of course I had to go online and find a recipe, because this is something that I definitely WILL be making for Dear Mr. Dizzy. Here is a link for the Navajo Fry Bread recipe, as well as a picture tutorial on Indian Tacos that I found on the Pioneer Woman's blog: 

Once I fix them myself, I will definitely be posting the recipe on my Recipe Blog.

Give them a try. I bet you will love them, too!

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