Tuesday, June 12, 2012

NaBloPoMo June - Day 12 - Meds Update

This is NOT going to be pretty. In fact, it is more than likely going to get pretty ugly before it's all over.

Last week, when Walgreens reported to me that they had a "temporary shortage" of my HRT med, they specifically told me that it "wasn't a manufacturer issue" and that it was just that they were "waiting on a delivery from their warehouses."

Well, they lied.

Last night, the Pharmacy Manager told me that it "was a manufacturer issue" and that they could not guarantee when, or even IF, they would be getting any more in.

Mind you, I have to take this med every day. EVERY. DAY.


I have been contacting other pharmacies, and have found one local CVS that still has it in stock. I am stopping there tonight after work and have them call Walgreens to get the balance of my prescription filled. And then since they still have some in stock, hopefully be able to keep getting it.

But, my Doctor's office is on notice that there is a very strong chance that I will be having to change over to something else, AGAIN, very soon. And my options are pretty narrow - - with my system having an extremely low tolerance of the animal-derived HRT meds, the plant-derived ones are few.

This is kinda scary. *keeping fingers crossed*

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