Monday, June 11, 2012

NaBloPoMo June - Day 11 - Monday.....

Mondays are "blah" days, mostly.

This Monday is no different.

Nothing major, actually, just stuff that I am having to deal with, which makes it a "blah" day.....
  • Dealing with Walgreens, who keep shorting me on my prescription refills for my hormone replacement.....they may want to watch out for that, it could get dangerous!
  • Dealing with our former doctor's office, who have repeatedly failed to get our medical records sent to our new doctor's office. Since JANUARY. Mine finally arrived at the new doctor's last week; Mr. Dizzy's still has not. Last we heard, they "couldn't find them back in their old records file room." They better hurry and locate them. It may get ugly (See the point above about homone replacement pills)
  • Dealing with a Gym that for some reason has not been opening on Saturday mornings when they should be (8:00 AM), which pushes my workout time back, and with my hectic schedule, makes me have to cut my workout short. They better get back on track, or it may get ugly (Again, see the point above about hormone replacement pills)
I need to contact my Gyn doctor's office to let them know what is happening with Walgreens and the pills, I need to contact the Pharmacy Manager at Walgreens and discuss the situation with him (the clerk on Saturday could not, or maybe was unwilling to, give me a decent answer about the situation), will be asking him for the name and contact information for his Regional Rep, and will more than likely wind up having to contact Walgreens Corporate to discuss the matter.

Like I said, it may get ugly. It is NEVER a smart thing to mess with a woman's homones.

Stay tuned.....

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