Tuesday, June 26, 2012

NaBloPoMo June - Day 26 - Survivor Car Show (part 2)

Once we got into St. Charles and found Pheasant Run, we got parked and started walking to the show entrance. Parking was across the street and a little ways down from the show, so it was a nice little walk - - got our blood pumping and got us woke up a bit. As we were waiting to cross the street to get to the show, we started chatting with a couple of elderly gentlemen waiting to cross also, about the show. They asked if we had ever attended before; we said no. They then asked if we had out admission tickets, and again the answer was no. One of the gentlemen told us it was $20 to get in, and asked if we had a Corvette (since the main show was the Bloomington Gold Corvette Show). We said no, and Mr. Dizzy started telling him about his "survivor" car and how we were on a "fact-finding mission" to scout out for next year's Survivor show.

What happened next really surprised us.....one of the gentlemen said they were Bloomington Gold club members, and they had been given 8 VIP passes each. They had shared a lot of them with family members and friends, but still had quite a few left that they knew would not get used since this was the last day of the show. He then asked his friend to give us a couple of them, effectively saving us $40 in entrance fees!

We were, in a word, amazed. Oh, and grateful. Very, very grateful. Sometimes something surprising and good happens and restores your faith in humankind.

The Survivor show was really nice! Lots of old, original cars, and lots of nice people. Actually, most car people are very nice, and a lot of fun to talk to. MOST of them, that is.....like anything else, you always run into one or two who you wish would just go away. But the majority ar good folks.

From what we saw at the Survivor show, Mr. Dizzy's car stands a very good chance of making it to the "Zenith" level, the top status a car can reach. The show next year is in Champaign, Illinois, MUCH closer to home. We are already making plans to get the car entered into the show, and are really looking forward to it!

We finally got on the road after a bite to eat at Boston Market, and then a quick trip to Trader Joe's (never been to one, can't wait to go back!) and made it back home just before 9:00 PM. After getting everything unloaded from the truck and in the house, it was a matter of unpacking just enough "stuff" to be able to get ready for work the next day, then off to bed with the "velcro kitty-kids" (yes, very clingy....apparently them missed us or something). After such a long, hot and tiring weekend, you would think we would fall asleep immediately, but that was not the case. The Mr. was still pumped up from the show and what he found out, and I still felt like I was riding in the truck.

So Monday was "zombie day" for both of us. But we survived.

All in all, it was a GREAT weekend! Just fun to get away and spend some time together.

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