Wednesday, June 13, 2012

NaBloPoMo June - Day 13 - Meds

Well, CVS has the HRT med I need, in stock. At least for the moment. I will have the balance of my current month's prescription, at least. Next month? Anybody's guess.....

But, getting the med from CVS was not without its own hiccups. (Why should anything in my life ever be EASY? What fun would that be?)

I went into CVS and spoke with the lady I had talked to on the phone the day before. She had me speak with one of the pharmacists so that I could get my customer profile set up and they could request the presecription transfer from Walgreens. Everything was going along swimmingly, until it came time to hand over my insurance cards.....

I have 2 insurances - - mine through the College, and a secondary one through Mr. Dizzy's work (which is Caterpillar). I usually use Cat's prescription card, because the meds co-pay is normally a bit cheaper for me.

CVS can't use Cat insurance.

Me: "You don't accept Cat insurance?"

Pharmacist: "Cat doesn't accept US!"


So I turn over my College insurance card, and it was accepted with no problem. So now I may be paying a bit more for the meds, but at least I will HAVE them!

But do NOT even get me started on "Managed Health Care" and all the stupid rules, regulations and red tape. I get so damn sick and tired of jumping through hoops!

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