Friday, June 29, 2012

NaBloPoMo June - Day 29 - FINALLY!!

Got my meds. Finally! 

I talked with the nurse at the Doctor's office, and they had a 14 day supply of the Enjuvia they said I could have. Talked with CVS, and they still had the 30 days of Cenestin. (The two meds are interchangeable). So between the two, I now have six weeks of meds. A little breathing room, at least.

The Pharmacist at CVS told me she had checked directly with their vendor, and was told that they were hoping the manufacturing issues would be cleared up no later than October. Also, she said they still had 15 bottles of Cenestin to sell or dispose of, so she ordered a bottle of 100 to have on hand. Hopefully she will still have some at the end of six weeks when I need a refill.

But at least I have not completely run out. YET.

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