Thursday, April 03, 2008

Brief Dad Update

I haven't been posting lately, because things have been a bit hectic around here. Dad's doing pretty well, though to hear HIM tell it, he's not doing worth a damn. When the Home Health Care Nurse came to the house Wednesday, he told her he should have been recovered in 6-8 days! She just smiled and shook her head and told him it would be more like 6-8 WEEKS.

I don't think he was too happy about that.

In fact, every day he just can't seem to understand why he is not getting stronger faster. And every day I tell him that after major surgery, it takes TIME and PATIENCE. And PATIENCE is not one of his strong points, which he freely admits. (Hmm, wonder if that's where I got it from . . . )

But he IS getting better, slowly. We are going on a short "road trip" to his house on Saturday, about 35 miles away. I was going to make the run to pick up his mail and some meds refills, and he decided he wanted to go. The weather is supposed to be sunny and in the low 60's, so getting out of the house and into the fresh air will probably do him good. He mentioned a few other places he wanted to stop at while we were there, and I just flatly told him "No", because I really don't think he realizes just how much this is going to wear him out. (Yeah, I'm mean - - well, he can just deal with it.)

Saturday will be a pretty exciting day for Dad. I think just being in his own house, even just for a few minutes, will raise his spirits. And mine!


Bina said...

I'm sure part of it is that he is used to taking care of his daughter, not the other way around! And men just don't do well when they are recovering from anything. But I'm sure it will do him a world of good to get for a while. But, I would be like him. Just waiting for the day that I'm "better", almost like it will happen magically.

You are taking such good care of him! I hope he gets better real soon.

Eileen said...

I make a lousy sick person too. It's my need to want to control everything. I'll keep fingers crossed he gets better soon.

Bina said...

Hey, is everything going okay? Is your dad doing alright?