Friday, April 25, 2008


Well, there was good AND bad news at the Doctor's office today.

The good news is, 2 of his incisions are completely healed and looking great!

The bad news is - - the problem incision is still not healing as well as the Doctor would like.

He has ordered another type of dressing to be put on the spot, and Home Health Care will still be coming out daily to change it.

Dad really had his hopes up about going home this weekend, but I just had a feeling it would not be quite this soon. We had a pretty big discussion about it last night, and he pretty much had his head set that he was going to go home, PERIOD.

Well, unfortunately not . . . at least not yet. But soon.

The Doctor wants to see him back on Wednesday, and then again 2 weeks from today. We are all hopeful that Dad will be released in 2 weeks and finally be able to get back home.

We are all keeping our fingers crossed!

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