Friday, April 25, 2008

We're Off To the Doctor

This has been a pretty rough week.

Last Friday at Dad's Doctor appointment, everything is looking really well!

Except . . . (yes, there is ALWAYS an "except", isn't there?) . . . one of Dad's incisions has a place on it that is not healing the way it should. This is pretty serious, not only because of the risk of infection, but the spot that is not healing is directly above the graft they placed in his groin area to shuttle blood flow to his right leg. If the incision separates and the graft is exposed, it will have to be removed. Yes, that means more surgery.

So - - instead of getting released and hopefully going home, as he was hoping for, he has been with us another week, with Home Health Care nurses coming daily to change a special hydrogel dressing to promote healing. Plus another week of antibiotics to prevent infection.

Today we go back to the Doctor for another check on the incision. Dad has already informed me that he wants to go home this weekend to stay. I'm all for it, because I know he wants it so badly, but - - I am very insistent that the incision be completely healed FIRST. So we may be butting heads a little bit over this one.

I DO understand how he feels! If I were somewhere other than my own home for a length of time, I would be damn anxious to get back to my own space! He's been away from his home for over six weeks now, only going back 1-2 times for a short while to pick up extra clothing or mail. He wants to go HOME. He wants to go NOW.

I understand. I GET IT.



I hope we can both get our wish today.

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