Saturday, April 12, 2008

What Is With This Weather?????

Today we had rain, mixed with snow, mixed with sleet; sometimes all sleet . . . It rained constantly, non-stop, all damn day! Correct me if I'm wrong - - but isn't it APRIL?????? *sheesh*

Mother Nature can bite me.


Anyways . . .

Took Dad on a "road trip" today to his house. We sorted out a month's worth of newspapers and a lot of mail - - amazing how fast that stuff piles up! I then took him to Church for Saturday evening Mass. A lot of people there were surprised to see him, especially considering he just had major surgery 2 weeks ago! He seemed pretty pleased to be there.

Once we got back here to D-town, we stopped for a quick bite to eat; well, not that quick, unfortunately - - is every Perkins Restaurant slow as molasses in January, or is it just OUR local one? I never knew an order of potato cakes could take so long - - did they have to send off to Idaho for the darned potatoes? Unbelievable.

Once we got back home, he was ready for the recliner. The trip wore him out, but I think it did him a world of good! You can only sit in a house doing absolutely nothing but watch TV for so long before you start going a bit stir-crazy!


I am now going to go fix myself a drink, relax a bit, and hopefully get a good night's sleep - - which is easier said than done when Dear Hubby is gone. But I'm sure the Chambord and soda will help quite a bit . . . :-)


Hope everyone is staying warm and dry - - from the sound of the forecast, next week will be more like the Spring weather we have all been waiting for! Yay!


Ree said...

I woke up to snow this morning....I think it's really still March. Someone screwed up the calendars.

Bina said...

Well, yesterday it sleeted and rained and was only about 45. Today, it's in the 40's but tonight it's supposed to FREEZE! I have to cover 12 hosta's and my japaneese maples, and then I have to UNCOVER them in the morning. Yea, it's supposed to be Spring. Isn't it????

I'm glad your dad is able to get out and is feeling so much better. I bet it has all been so hard mentally on him. It would drive me nuts I think. Wait a minute, I KNOW it would! LOL

Eileen said...

Yee gawd- what is with your weather. Dang it all it's spring people SPRING.