Monday, April 28, 2008


Posting is going to be WAY spotty for a little while - - my computer crashed and burned yesterday afternoon!

I was working on it yesterday morning. Everything was going just fine and dandy. I then took a break and made myself a bite of lunch. When I came back, I saw a black screen with two lines of white text:

"Internal Error -
Press any key to reboot . . . "

So I did. Press any key, that is.

The hard drive said, "click - click - click" . . .

I tried it again. Same result - - "click - click - click" . . .


BUT - - thanks to my Dell Employee Purchase Program through work, I'm getting a very good deal on a new computer system. A REAL good deal! I will hopefully have it soon and be up and running again soon.

But when I think of all the software loading I will need to do - - and try to recover a lot of my browser bookmarks, and trying to recover some of my files from my old computer (with the help of my College Tech Support buddies - - THANK GOD FOR THEM!) - - I just get tired. It's gonna be a LONG process, but worth it in the end.

So please be patient, and I'll be back on as soon as I can!


Bina said...

Oh, you poor thing! When I bought a new computer cause the old one was a piece of crap (outdated) it took FORVER to figure what I needed to bring over. God knows how many pictures I had, but those were easy. All that software? Dang, there were some CD's I couldn't even find; and games from Yahoo and MSN? If you don't have the code you can't download, you just have to buy it again.

What a pain, and I sure do feel for ya.

Eileen said...

I hate computer woes. We look forward to having you back!