Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What the Hell Were They Thinking?!?!?!

I went to Springfield to pick up Dad from the hospital yesterday. I got there around 1:15 PM, and was told by staff at the Nurse's Station that he was not ready to be discharged yet - - that there was a "situation" - - and they were not sure when he would be discharged.

A "situation" . . . like what? I had called earlier that morning to check on exactly where I needed to go to get him, and no one had mentioned anything about any "situation" . . .

I could not believe what they told me.

A little background on heart stent patients - - usually, they go in through an artery in the groin area. However, if that artery is not available, such as in Dad's case (because of the past surgery in March that blocked off that artery and a bypass put in), they go in through an artery in the arm. Heart stent patients using the groin artery are ordered to be total bedrest, and laying totally flat on their backs. Patients who had the arm artery used, however, do not have that restriction.

Remember this as we go along. This is important.

Apparently during the night Monday, Dad had to go to the bathroom. The nurse just assumed he was on total bedrest. She ASSUMED this. And because she ASSUMED this, and DIDN'T CHECK THE ORDERS OR CHECK WITH THE DOCTOR LIKE SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO . . . instead of getting him up to go to the bathroom . . .

She had a catheter inserted.

Yes, that's right - - she apparently took in upon herself to have a catheter inserted, COMPLETELY AGAINST DOCTOR'S ORDERS.

Now, anyone who has been following the "Dad Saga" knows of the problems we had last March, when Dad had the catheter problem, and had to wear one for weeks. We just got that problem cleared up, and things are working well - - smooth sailing, so to speak. Even the Urologist has released him and said he doesn't need to check him for another 6 months.

And then this nurse decides to screw that up.

Apparently, when she put in the catheter, Dad said it "hurt like hell", and he was so uncomfortable, between that and staff coming every couple of hours to check his vital signs, he got almost no sleep all night.


When his Doctor came in to check on him the next morning and discovered what had happened, he was LIVID! And rightfully so. He investigated and found out who did it, and told the RN he was going downstairs to the Cath Lab to "take care of business."

I hope the bitch got fired.


I get to the Nurse's Station and they tell me all of this. AAAAAND they got to see the Sicilian temper side of Dizzy Ms. Lizzy. It was not a pretty sight, not at all. I was ranting. I was yelling. I was very, very angry. They ALL knew it.

His urine had a lot of blood in it, and they were having to keep him there until it started clearing up. They did not know how long it would take.

I told them I was not leaving that hospital until 1) he was going with me, and 2) I talked to the Doctor. And, I did not care how late I was there until I did!

They asked me if they released him and he was still having the problem, would I be able to take him to his Urologist the next day? I said NO! If they broke him, THEY were going to fix him! And we were NOT leaving until they did!

The RN talked with the Unit's RN Manager, who came in to talk to me. She was apologizing all over herself. She assured me that Dad would be taken care of. She assured me the Doctor was taking care of whoever caused the problem.

I repeated the same thing to her that I had told the Nurses - - YOU broke him, YOU are going to fix him. Period.

About 4:15, the Doctor came in to see us. He and I had a very good talk. Believe me, he was as upset as I was! This man is very particular about his patients and how they are treated, and what happened to Dad was totally unacceptable. (Well, YEAH) I told the Doctor that I am an only child, that his patient was the only Daddy I have, and I am very, VERY protective of him. I did not appreciate someone not only doing an unnecessary procedure on him, but they caused him physical pain, and after all the problems Dad has had in that area, they better hope they didn't cause any permanent damage! (or else)

I have no doubt that someone is in very bad trouble in the Cath Lab there.

Finally, around 5:30 or so, they said Dad was doing well enough to be discharged. They got all his paperwork ready, and eventually I was able to break him out of there . . . finally!

Dad is doing much better now. His problem finally cleared up last night and has not returned. But he's very tired, his arm is still pretty sore, and can't seem to get enough sleep today. But I'm sure tomorrow will be even better, and hopefully he can go back home on Friday.

Please keep my Dear Ol' Daddy in your thoughts and prayers.

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