Friday, July 18, 2008

Another Setback

Yesterday morning Dad woke with a lot of pain in the arm they used for the heart stent procedure. Also, his hand was numb. That was 2 of the symptoms they had told us to be on the lookout for, because they signaled that there was a problem.

So I called the Heart Institute in Springfield. They recommended I take him to the Emergency Room right away, which I did. The ER Doctor called Dad's Doctor from there, and a 12 Noon appointment was set for Dad at the Springfield office.

We got Dad over there to get checked out. The Doctor thought it might just be some pressure on the nerve by the incision site, but sent Dad to the Diagnostic Center for an ultrasound, just to be safe.

The ultrasound showed that the artery was showing some leaking around the incision site, and normal blood flow was not making all the way down the arm, causing some numbness in his hand. But, he does still have a good strong pulse in that arm. Also, some of the blood is pooling around the surgery area, which is causing the pressure and pain he is experiencing.

He now has that arm in a sling to ease some of the pressure, and we will be heading back to Springfield for his recheck on Monday . ..


Why is it - - whenever it is supposed to be one of the EASIER procedures . . . it isn't?

Keep my Dear Ol' Daddy in your thoughts and prayers - - appreciate it.

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