Monday, July 21, 2008

Here We Go Again . . . *sigh*

We made another trip to the Emergency Room with Dad this morning.

Well, actually, I should say Dear Hubby made the trip with Dad. Dad woke up with almost unbearable pain in his right arm, and the numbness was back in his hand to the point where he couldn't grip anything, not even to take his morning pills. I got up, took a quick shower, and called Hubby at work while I was getting dressed. He said his work was all caught up and then some, and that he was going to come home and he would take Dad to the ER. And he did.

Bless that man. I thank God every day for having him in my life!

Once they left, I finished getting dressed and headed into the office. This is Finals week for the Summer semester, and I had some things that needed done right away for some instructors. And, since my boss is gone until Wednesday, and we are also short-staffed due to one of my Help Desk workers being off sick, I was the only one at the time who could get it done. By being able to get in early, I was able to get everything done that was needed.

Dad was given some Darvocet for pain, and was scheduled to go back to Springfield this afternoon to meet with the doctor (again!) - - by that time, my "stuff" at work was caught up, so I called and told Hubby I could take Dad to Springfield.

He was having none of it. Excuse me??? He's MY Dad, you know . . .

He didn't care. He told me HE was going to take care of things today, and that was that.


Is it any wonder why I love that man?

Anyway, the Doctor told Dad that this is going to take some time to clear up, and to stay with the Darvocet. So Dad is with us for an undetrmined amount of time. Which is fine with us, but it's bugging the hell out of him . . . he wants to go back home! All in good time, Dad - - all in good time.

Keep ya posted.


Eileen said...

He's a good man AND he has a fireman hat. You have to keep him. Tell Dad get well soon.

Swishy said...

Ohh, no. I am sorry. Hope Dad is doing better!

And you did get a good one :)