Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back Home

Dad is back home with us for a few days now.

I went to Springfield to pick him up from the hospital today, and there was a "situation" . . . I will have to explain more later. Right now I'm exhausted. But it is a very INTERESTING "situation" and I even got to lose my temper a bit and throw a little hissy fit. It was grand and glorious.

Hopefully once THIS stuff settles down, I can get back to the "24 Years Ago" posts - - heck, it was just getting interesting, and then I go and leave you all in suspense . . . nothing like a cliff-hanger, huh? ;-) I'll post the rest soon, that's a promise.

Just gotta get Dad all situated first.

But for now, g'night *yawn*

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