Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's Almost Celebration Time!

This weekend is the annual Decatur Celebration. This will be the 23rd year for the festival, and the 22nd year Dear Hubby and I have worked it.

We work backstage at the big main stage, and it has been all sorts of interesting every year. We never know what to expect from the bands, the roadies, the fans . . . it's always unique, and always pretty crazy. It's hot, it's humid, it's a lot of hard work . . . and we love it.

It is such a blast to meet people you admired for their music many, many years ago, and to see what they are really like. I have had some major disappointments, but have also had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know some good ones.

This year the Celebration has The Smithereens, Plain White T's, Edgar Winter Group, Pauli Carman and Champaign, Caedmon's Call, Jr. Walker's All Stars, Otis Day and the Knights, and many, many more.

Since we spend practically all of our time down there, from Friday evening through Sunday night, there won't be any posts until after the show is over. Dear Hubby and I are taking Monday off work to recuperate, so hopefully I will be able to drag my poor old worn out, sunburned body to the computer and give you an update.

"Celebrate good times, Come On!"

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Bina said...

Wow! That sounds like so much fun! Please take lots of pictures!