Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Dad Update - Good News!

Dad and I went to his recheck appointment yesterday with his urologist. Doctor is VERY pleased with the way Dad is doing! The Flomax is doing its job, and there is no surgery being considered at this point in time. Dad doesn't have to come back for a recheck for six months. YAY DAD!

In other "Dad News" - - his second heart stent procedure is scheduled for Monday, July 14th. I will take him to Springfield for that, and it will require an overnight hospital stay; I will be back to pick him up the following afternoon (if he behaves, that is - - otherwise, I will tell him to walk!(Just kidding)

I'll keep you posted on how that goes, but we don't anticipate any problems.

AND another "Dad News" bit - - here is this 83-year-old man, who always says that as his age he doesn't even dare by green bananas . . . is going out today and buying a new car! He talked about it yesterday, and said he was just 'thinking' about it, but that he was in no rush, and didn't plan on doing anything for awile yet.

Well, apparently "a while yet" meant just overnight, because I got a call from him this morning that he had talked to his bank, made loan arrangements, and was getting ready to head to the car dealership this afternoon to try and finalize the deal.


What AM I going to do with that old man? WHAT?

Oh well - - I'm just glad he's happy and is able to do this. I'll post pictures of the car as soon as I can!

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