Friday, February 01, 2008


Campus is closed - -
The snow just keeps coming down, more and more - -
The wind is kicking up - -
It's a good day to stay inside!

Except for this afternoon - - once the snow tapers off and the wind starts to lay, it will be time to go out and scoop the sidewalks. Steve is outside right now with the tractor and blade getting the drive cleared in front of the garage so we can get out if need be . . . I think the news said we had 11 inches of snow - - it's really deep out there!


This extra day will also give Dear Hubby and me an extra day to finish up a MAJOR project in our Master bathroom. We thought it was just a faulty toilet, but unfortunately has turned out to be much, much more than that. Apparently, something underneath it had been broken for a long time, and had been leaking all that time. When Steve went to pull up the old toilet, the floor came up with it . . .

He has torn up the floor, all the way through to the basement, and had to replace the subfloor and overlay all around the toilet area. Fortunately, the rest of the subfloor was able to dry out okay, so just the overlay needs replaced on that. He will probably get that finished up today.

Tomorrow we have to find new floor tile and get it put down, at least around the toilet area, so that we can put in the new unit. Then we can lay the rest of the floor tile.

This has been going on all week - - my poor Dear Hubby has really had his hands full! I wish there was more I could do to help him, but it's a small enough area right there that two people won't fit . . . so I just stand back and offer (im)moral support . . . (hey, it's the least I can do)

If you have bad weather in your area today, please be careful and stay safe!


Eileen said...

Snuggle in and enjoy your snow day. Here's hoping the weather is better later this month so I can get into town for the tour!

Barrie said...

Good luck with the toilet stuff. And do something fun on this snow day too! :)