Thursday, February 14, 2008

Project is Finished! (Part One)

The bathroom project is FINALLY finished! *whew*

But not without its problems . . .

The main problem was with the company we used to get the vinyl flooring.

Ever heard of FlooringAmerica?

They are new here in town, and Dear Hubby went searching for flooring the Friday we had the major snowstorm. They were the only company open that afternoon, and we needed flooring QUICKLY - - so he decided to give them a chance.

BAD move.

He came home with some flooring samples and we put them down against the wall tile, decided which one looked good, and then decided to go back the next day to place the order.

When we got there Saturday morning, we showed the lady Steve had been dealing with which one we were interested in. She got out her calculator, did a lot of figuring, and then gave a slip of paper with the number $1,470 on it.

YES. One Thousand Four Hundred Seventy Dollars.

For a 12 x 8 bathroom.

I looked at her and said, "EXCUSE ME? I don't think so!" She started in with some big long explanation about floor prep and installing and transitions and seaming all . . . I just kept looking at her and said, "This will NOT do." I said to Steve, "Ready to go elsewhere?" The lady looked a little panicked and said she would refigure. Which she did. And gave another slip of paper with the number $1,140.

I gave her another look. And said, "No, this will not do at all." I then said to Steve, "I'm ready to go elsewhere." The lady looked more panicked and said, "No, no, let me see what I can do."

She went to the showroom floor and picked out a couple more samples. We looked at them - - they were very similar to what we had picked out originally - - so we took them home to see what they would look like. One looked good, so we went back and told her which one we wanted. She grabbed her calculator and started figuring, and then gave us the figure of $320 for flooring and installation. We could live with that.

We placed the order and asked how soon the flooring would be in and could get installed, as we were under a pretty tight timeline. She told us - - MANY TIMES - - that trucks came in on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS. She told us NUMEROUS times. Remember that.

We didn't hear from them on Tuesday, so figured the flooring would be in on the Thursday truck. Well, Thursday came, and was almost gone, and we had still not heard from them yet. So Steve called . . . and was first told that they were too busy to talk to him and they would have to call him back. (That man is WAY more patient than I am, apparently - - I would have handed someone their ass right about then.). They actually DID call him back, but seemed to know nothing about the flooring . . . until the guy on the phone FINALLY found the order and told Steve, "That truck comes in on Mondays."

Mondays? MONDAYS??? (Please see above)

They told Steve they would give us a call next Tuesday and schedule an installation for the FOLLOWING week. Remember me saying Steve was more patient than me? Well, this is when he lost it. He started in on the guy and told him in no uncertain terms when the floor needed installed, and no later than that . . . and ended the call.

Later on, there was a message on our phone that the flooring would DEFINITELY be in on Monday, and that he had put us on the list for insallation on the following Tuesday.

But the fun was just beginning . . . I will write about the installation adventure in my next post!


Bina said...

Oh my Gosh! I don't get people (companies) I really don't. You would THINK they would bend of backward for people, especally since they are NEW in town! I mean, have they ever heard of "word of mouth". Lord, and there is MORE? I'm assuming not the GOOD more either, right?

Ree said...

This is why, when Mr. Hot decides to "do something", I get my inner bitch all ready to take over. He's much too nice sometimes.

Rob said...

My blood pressure is already too high from reading this. It's a shame too as I was already going to use them for my kitchen. Not now!