Wednesday, February 20, 2008

By Popular Demand . . .

After all the bitching, moaning and complaining about FlooringAmerica, and saying how nice the floor actually turned out, I have had a couple of requests for pictures of the beautiful floor . . .

Ask, and you shall receive:




Pretty, no?


Bina said...

Oh my Gosh! It IS beautiful! And let me say, I just love the pink tile, too. Of course, pink is my favorite color, but Lord, I can't believe it took them that long to do a bathroom. Can you imagine if you wanted to do the kitchen or something???

Very nice!

Ree said...

lovely. It looks very soothing.

WalkOn1 said...

It is beautiful! Hopefully, it was worth the wait and all the trials! SHEESH!!

I'm just glad, like you, it's as beautiful as it is AND that the whole ordeal can be put behind you now!!

A :-)

Rob said...

Hey now that is very nice. Wait a second? Is that a loose screw I see sticking up there?