Monday, December 12, 2005

Some Progress Made - - FINALLY! *whew*

Well, I presented what is finished of my Final Semester Project today. Overall, it's not bad. I still do not have any of the Flash stuff working in the website, except for the clock we made in class. At least THAT worked!

After class Faith helped out Kathy and I on our projects. Flash has been giving BOTH of us fits! Kathy and I both work at Richland - - actually, right across the hall from each other. This is the second Web design class we have taken together, and it helps to have someone that close for moral support, if nothing else. But I digress - - sorry . . . . .


Faith has agreed to help both of us out on lunch hours Tuesday and Wednesday. As long as we get our project requirements finished up by Thursday, we will not get an incomplete. If we are NOT able to finish by Thursday, Faith willl give us incompletes, and we will have more time to try to finish. I'm hoping to have my Flash requirements DONE by Wednesday.

Tonight at home I worked on the things we had covered after class today - - there is a graphic on one of my pages that I want to have "fade in" to the page and then stay on the page, not looping over and over. I was FINALLY able to figure out the motion tweening and the Alpha color options needed, but the playback looping is still going on. BUT - - we will fix that tomorrow.

ALSO - - there is a small car picture that I have added animation to so that it will travel across another page in the website. That one still needs some "tweaking", but that will also get resolved tomorrow.

The only things left after that are a blog and a slideshow presentation, both built in Flash and imported into a page in the website. I have the basics built, but don't have them all pulled together so they work. Once those two things are finished and added to the website, it will be time to test out all the links, make sure everything works the way it should, zip up the website file, and submit it to the instructor.

THEN it will be serious party time!!!!! (Can't wait)

It's worth losing 2 days worth of lunch hours - - heck, I can afford to lose a little weight . . . :-)

Wish me luck - - I'll keep y'all posted!

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