Thursday, December 15, 2005


The Final Project is done.


Checked out, zipped up, uploaded, submitted, DONE.


Yesterday Faith was able to help me figure out where I was on the Flash blog, and helped me get "unlost" with my Flash slideshow. I was TOTALLY lost on that! And the things she showed me to do, I would never have thought to look in those places and at those particular things. She said Flash is pretty strong on programming, and I have NO programming background AT ALL.

But it's done. And submitted. And ready to be graded.

HALLE - DAMN - LUIA!!!! :-)

(sorry about that - - it just had to come out . . . *laugh*)

And last night? For the first time in weeks? I slept SO HARD, ALL NIGHT LONG.

It felt great!

So NOW my attention turns to finishing up the gift wrapping, starting the Christmas Cookie baking (I have none of it started! *sigh*) - - and Christmas cards. Then cleaning a very sad, very neglected house before the Holidays.

Campus closes next Thursday, Dec. 22nd, at 5:00 p.m., and we don't come back to work until Tuesday, Jan. 3rd. Ahhhh - - Winter Break - - my favorite time of the work year! It can't come soon enough this year . . .

I hope you all are having a good week!

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Travis Jackson said...

Yeah pretty much Halle-freaking-luia! At least after tuesday for me! I am busy as all get out. I got the perfect amount of sleep this morning. 7 hours! I found this to be my perfect sleep time! So I am ready for the day and ready to be all up in it yo! I am glad to hear that you are done and working on cookies...I like cookies...Hey I want Renee for Christmas btw. But she gets to go home and I am happy for her. I gave her the $400 braclet I got her for only $50 the other day! It was amazing! It was a God thing! Swarvoskian Australian crystals, and cultured Freshwater pink and white pearls! That is right. I am the man! I am a man amung men! BOOYA!!! Anyway, I'm off to party! No really I have no life, but I am off to have fun with a couple new friends!!! See ya Auntie Liz!