Tuesday, December 06, 2005

GOT My "Lola" Fix!!!

Yes I did - - went to Peoria, actually FOUND the Peoria Heights district, and got to see Jessica's new shop!

The new "Hey Lola/The Moondancer" is a WONDERFUL place! Jessica, you should be very proud of what you and Julie have there!

I found some neat "treasures" during my visit. One is a beautiful Hematite bracelet, which goes very well with the Hematite necklace and earrings Jessica had made me earlier in the year. And also found a great little necklace - - the stone looks like fossilized wood or granite or - - something - - anyway, it's sort of a varigated light blue in color, and she wrapped iit and vined it in silver wire. It's hanging on a sterling silver chain. And she made it a present to me. I am in love with it! Thank you SO MUCH, Jessica!

I took hubby Steve's Aunt Pat with me on the trip. She really enjoyed herself. She has been interested in learning how to make jewelry, and Hey Lola is the place to get some inspiration. Aos, there is a shop just down the block called "Free to Bead", and they have every bead and stone imaginable for making jewelry, and all the jewelry findings, chains, and tools besides. They also give lessons. Too bad Peoria is so far away - - it would be fun to learn.

Aunt Pat and I also ate lunch at One World Cafe, and she is now a fan of the place, just like everhone I have taken there. The food there is all fresh made and delicious! (And they have "killer" desserts!!) If you are ever in Peoria, I highly recommend it.

Well, it's back to homework for me. My Semester Project for Web Design is due on Monday. Not sure if it will be ready or not. I am seriously thinking about asking for an imcomplete to give me more time to finish it. It has just been so hectic lately, and by the time I get on the computer at home in the evenings, I'm too tired to think straight. But I'm giving it my best shot . . .

Anyway, I'm outta here for now - - I'll post again soon and catch up everyone on things.


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Bill said...

Sounds like it was a great trip!

As for the Web Design project... just knock it out... You do not want to take an incomplete, trust me on this one...

You can do it, find your vision and just start putting it together!!

That's about as good as it gets 'pep-talk' wise from me!! I do hope you find the time to knock it out!