Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A LITTLE MORE Progress . . . . .

Well, we met with the instructor today to work on Final Projects. I now have 2 of the four Flash requirements up and running; the other 2 will (hopefully) be taken care of tomorrow. They are not PERFECT, not by any means, but good enough to count for credit. The 2 we worked on today I will be taking great pains to get them cleaned up and running smoothly, because I want to keep them for my website. However, the 2 we will be working on tomorrow are strictly for the project, and once I get it all graded, they are coming OFF the website. One is a slideshow presentation that I do not want or need, and the other is a blog made out of Flash. And heaven knows that a Blogger blog is MUCH easier to create and update that ANYTHING in Flash!!!!!

So it's a helluva lot of work for a grade, but nothing else. Oh well - - gotta do what ya gotta do sometimes . . .

Anyway, it's all downhill from here, I hope!

And once it's done - - it is SERIOUS party time! :-)

Wish me luck tomorrow!

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