Friday, December 09, 2005


I have never owned a 4-wheel drive vehicle before. Heck, I've only been behind the wheel of one before, and that was for about 10 minutes during a brief test drive of a Jeep Liberty a few years ago.

So now I have a Jeep Liberty of my own. I just love it! But I did not know exactly how - - or more importantly, WHEN - - to kick it into 4-wheel drive.

Well - - yesterday it snowed.

And snowed.

AND snowed some more.

By the time cranky Mother Nature was through with us, we had 5.5 inches of the white stuff, with winds kicking up to 15-20 mph. So of course there was also the drifting to contend with.

5:00 p.m. finally came, and it was out to the parking lot to clean off the vehicles. Talk about a mess! At least a couple of inches of snow all over the Jeep, PLUS ice underneath that! Given the wind chill was hovering near 0 degrees, I was almost as "cranky" as Mother Nature was!

Finally in the Jeep and getting ready for my first drive home in 4-wheel drive. Popped it down into it and took off.

Why did I wait all these years to own one? That trip home was SWEET!! The Jeep handled all the roads with ease - - plowed or not.

But the real test was yet to come. Our road is a North/South road. We live on the East side of the road, facing West, with nothing across the road but an empty field and the Interstate. The wind was out of the West 15-20 mph. Needless to say, there were lots of drifts. But Lady Liberty went through those drifts like they were nothing - - barely felt a bump.

Talk about a rush!! It was great!

The Liberty is the best purchase hubby Steve and I have ever made. I'm hooked on Jeeps for life!

Y'all be careful driving out there, y'here? :-)

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