Saturday, December 24, 2005

Fa La La La La . . .

It's Christmas Eve!

It's going to be a GREAT Holiday season this year. Campus closed at 5 PM Thursday, Dec. 22nd, and we don't go back to work until Tuesday, Jan. 3rd. It could NOT come soon enough this year - - it's been kinda rough . . .

We thought Hubby Steve was going to have to work Holiday Shutdown at Cat, but he found out he doesn't have to! So we get to spend all next week together! We are both pretty happy about it. We had not made any plans because we thought he would be working, so we get to spend some "quality time" together here at home, and maybe make a day road trip somewehre next week - - IF we feel like it, that is!

AND - - I'm only wanting one day - - just ONE day - - for housecleaning. He's agreeable to that (what a sweetie!) because he knows we are having company next Friday for our annual little gathering of our group of close friends - - Judy and Curt, Jerry, Mike, Cindy, and Jan. They all have to work next week, unfortunately, but they have been told to just come on our to our house right after work on Friday, and everything would be here for them - - my Christmas treat to them. None of them are right in the head . . .
Should be fun . . . . . :-)

This afternoon we are going over to Hubby Steve's parents' house for Christmas Eve Dinner. Keith and Dawn and the Grandboys will be there, as well as Steve's brother and his family - - wife Debbie, and sons Sam, Luke, and Travis. Travis is home from Olivet Nazarene U. for Winter Break, and it will be good to spend time with him again. His girlfriend flew back home to San Deigo to be with her family, and she will be missed. I'll send her Christmas present with Travis so he can pass it on to her once they are back on campus.

I am bringing appetizers and desserts for the Dinner this evening. Tried a couple of new dip mixes to go with some crackers and fresh veggies. One is a dip called "Garlic Schmarlic" (*laugh*) and it is really good. They sell it at the Food Mart in Springfield, which is where I tried it at their Christmas Open House a couple of weeks ago. The other is a sundried tomato-pesto mix. It's got a great flavor also.

For desserts, I made a cinnamon swirl bundt cake with vanilla glaze. It smelled so good while it was baking! YUM!! I also had some mixes for pie fillings, so I made a White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse pie in an Oreo Cookie crust, and then a Lemon Mousse pie in a graham cracker crust. Unfortunately, no fudge or cookies this year. I didn't get ANY fudge made, and less than half of the cookies I usually make. Time (AND energy) was at a real premium this year. Oh well . . .

Can't wait to spend time with my Grandboys! It should be really fun this year. Alex is now 6, and just as energetic as all get-out. Jon is now 3, and just a total bundle of energy. It's gonna be fun, especially at present opening time - - bows and ribbons and papers flying everywhere - - ahhh, Christmas!!


Tomorrow we are heading down to my Dad's house to spend Christmas Day. I wanted to cook dinner and bring it down there, but he wouldn't hear of it. Instead, he made reservations at a restaurant. Said he didn't want me having to work on Christmas Day! What a sweetie.

After dinner we will be heading over to Auntie Ann's house to visit with the big ol' Italian Clan - - all the cousins and their families. Nothing like a big Italian family . . . I just love it!


Hubby Steve and I, along with our fur-kids Callie and Carmichael, wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Stay safe and well, and have fun with your families.

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Bill said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family from Maryan and I (and our "fur-kids" Precious and Littlebit)!!