Saturday, December 10, 2005

End of Semester "Crunch"

This Web Design project is really getting to me . . . *sigh*

I'm doing great with the DreamWeaver and Fireworks portions part of it - - a couple of minor "glitches", but nothing I can't work out . . .

It's Flash that is getting me down.

Last semester, we didn't get into Flash, except for one small little thing that we did to see how it works, and it was TOTALLY confusing to me! THIS semester, the book we are using assumes we have basic Flash knowledge from the previous semester.


It is like spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere (like a rear-wheel drive, compact car in deep snow). I knew I can DO it, it's just figuring out HOW to get it done!

I even took a 4-day weekend, when hubby Steve was deer hunting, to take my self through the Flash portion of last semester's book. I read all the chapters, did all the step-by-step assignments,
and really learned a lot. But for some reason, I'm having problems retaining the knowledge and applying it to the project . . . this is just so damn frustrating . . .

Faith, our teacher, has given us lots of handouts with instructions on how to do different things with Flash, and shown our class how to do them, and I take good notes to go along with the handouts, but when I get home and try to recreate, I'm lost. There must be some steps here and there that I'm missing . . . . I just need more TIME, and that is something I'm almost out of!

I did email Faith late last week and asked about getting an an incomplete. With Campus closed from Dec. 23rd until Jan. 3rd, and hubby working, I would have a lot of time to spend on the ol' computer pounding out this website. She said she would be willing to do that for me, but proposed something else first - - instead of submitting my project on the 12th when it is due, would I be willing to come up and work with her next week for a few hours to see if she could help me through the rough patches? She did not have to turn in a grade of Incomplete until the 19th, so maybe by then we would have it done.


So next week I will be spending my lunch hours up in Faith's office working on this darned thing. I'll ge the whole thing loaded onto my little jump drive and bring it with me. Hopefully she can help break through this Flash "mental block" I have . . . wish me luck!

P.S. THANK YOU, Bill, for your encouraging words - - I'm giving it my best shot!

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