Sunday, October 16, 2005

Satisfying My "Jewelry Fetish" . . .

If you have ever noticed under the "About Me" section of the sidebar, I mention a "serious jewelry fetish" - - well, I got to satisfy a bit of that yesterday. I went to Peoria with a couple members of my "posse" (*smile*), Betty and Connie, to Jessica's shop, "Hey Lola". Lola's is a funky little shop with vintage clothing, nick-nacks, paper lanterns, cards, and paintings by Jessica, a VERY talented artist and creative sprite. But best of all - - Lola's has jewelry. LOTS and LOTS of jewelry. All designed and created by Jessica herself.

I first met Jessica Labor Day Weekend 2004, when hubby Steve and I went to the Riverfront Blues Fest in Peoria. There were vendors set up all along the river walkway, and Jessica was one of them. I took one look at her jewelry, and my jaw literally dropped. Her designs are amazing! She uses mostly natural stones for her creations, incorporating wire wrapping and "vining", along with seed beads, sterling beads, and other components in her creations. The finished products are unique and totally awesome.

Since that weekend in 2004, I have come to know Jessica well, and consider her a very dear friend. If hubby and I are every at a place where stones are sold, I'm constantly looking through them to see if there would be anything Jessica might like to work with. In fact, I came back from our Turkey Run trip with a bag of stones from the Lodge gift shop for her - Agate Slices, Goldstone, River Agate chunks, and the like.


"Hey Lola" was having an Open House and a Moving Sale this weekend. Connie had been to the shop and met Jessica before, but Betty never had. The Open House was being marketed by the Bradley U. marketing students. Their goal was to have 120 in the door that day. Their professor was at the door counting off people entering.

The Moving Sale was just that - - reducing inventory before Jessica moves to her new shop in Peoria Heights! Apparently her new neighborhood is a neat little area of town with lots of little shops, boutiques, and restaurants, and a perfect spot for a shop like hers. Her move takes place the end of this month.

Jessica, I wish you the best of luck with the move - - wish hubby and I could be there to help - - and I cannot wait to see the new 'digs'!! The girls and I will be there sometime soon to check it all out!

We had a great time. And - - as usual - - there was a "creation" there that grabbed me. Again. *sigh* The hardest part about going to Hey Lola's is not buying everything I see. Her jewelry creations are THAT GOOD. Really. You need to check it out sometime. Her website can be found at

And while you're in Peoria, you need to have lunch at One World Cafe, right across the street from Bradley U. It's a neat atmosphere with all different types of food - - there is literally something for everybody - in fact, their menu is HUGE. Signature sandwiches, soups, salads, and the best pizza around. All foods and homemade, and only the freshest ingredients are used. It's the best food in town. Period.

And if you don't believe ME, then go ask Jessica. She used to work there, and she will back me up on this. :-)


Travis Jackson said...

Yeah so Chicago was a fun time last least I think it was last week. This week has been crazy! Some things I cannot yet share, but at the same time are very exciting. Mid-terms, super fun with some great roomies, and now I'm watching the Cardinals lose it in the playoffs. It is the only things bad that has happened today! Which is cool, because today has ROCKED!!
Love ya Aunt Liz

~Fav Nephew, Travis

Anonymous said...

link is offline :(

Dizzy Ms. Lizzy said...

Oh dear - - yes, the link would be offline. This post is from 2005, and she has changed. She now has an Etsy shop at Search for "loveheylola", and it will bring you to her shop site.