Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Brownies, Part II

I'm getting the itch to try a new brownie idea, and I have the perfect "guinea pig" to try them out on - - my Dad.He loves chocolate and mint, so I'm gonna try something different.

I have a bag of Andes chocolate mint wafer candies, and a family size box of brownie mix. I'm going to chop up some of the candies and stir them into the brownie batter. Then after they are baked, I'm going to place more of the candies on top of the brownies, put them back in the oven until they are melty, then take them out and spread the melted candies for a chocolate mint frosting.


I mentioned this to Dad on the phone tonight, and that I would bring some down to him - - I think he's looking forward to them almost more than seeing hubby Steve and I! :-)

Should be awesome - - I'll let you know!

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