Friday, October 07, 2005

Brownie Success!

Well, the brownies were a success, and then some. The whole house smelled like chocolate and creme de menthe while they were baking (and for a long time afterward!). Once they were cooled, we tried them. Oooohhhhh my . . . awesome!

Dad wasn't the only "guinea pig" I tried out the Chocolate Mint Brownies on - - I took the remainder of the pan to work. I didn't even make it down the hall to my office before one of the CEHF faculty members was "stalking" me! Followed me all the way down to my office and walked in behind me! She couldn't wait . . .

It was kinda cute seeing people's eyes kinda glaze over when they tasted them. This recipe is definitely a keeper!

I've been made to promise to bring batches of all my different varieties to work at Christmas time for our party . . . guess I better stock up on brownie mix, huh?

Too bad dear nephew Travis missed these . . . :-)

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A :-) said...

Think I could get back to work in time for the Christmas party?? ;-) Probably not, but I might just HAPPEN to drop by for a (cough cough) visit about that time!! :-D Either that or you will have to drop by my place BEFORE the party!! ;-)